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Uguam & Office 365

Computer Center

UGuam and Office 365 (Triton/Uguamlive)  Email


1. Uguam Webmail

How to's:

Uguam Webmail. How to Sign In.pdf

Uguam Webmail. How to Reset Password.pdf

Uguam Webmail. Configure POP.pdf

Uguam Webmail. How to Setup Signature.pdf

Uguam Webmail. How to Setup Email Forwarding.pdf

Uguam Webmail. How to Setup AutoReply.pdf

Uguam Webmail. How to Configure Using Adroid Mobile.pdf


About UGuam Email System

UGUAM.uog.edu is accessible via the Internet (Webmail) and is also available for pop or download onto your PC using an Email client like Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.

Mail Forwarding from UGUAM account to another email account (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and others) is one of the standard features and can be setup easily by the users.

 Login to the UGuam Webmail System

Adjust your UGuam Webmail Settings


2. Office 365 (Triton/ Uguamlive) Web App

How to's:

Office 365. How to Log into Office 365.pdf

Offie 365. How to Change Your Password.pdf

Office 365. How to Setup Signature.pdf

Office 365. How to Configure Forwarding.pdf

Office 365. How to configure Auto Reply.pdf

Office 365. How to Configure Using Android Mobile.pdf

Office 365. How to Configure Office 365 Email for Local Outlook.pdf


 About Office 365 Email Application

10 Things to Know About Office 365

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