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Student Counseling

We offer counseling to assist students to resolve issues that cause emotional distress and interfere with personal goals and academic attainment. Confidential counseling is provided to help students bring about positive changes in their lives. Group counseling is provided to afford the opportunity to work together in learning to deal more effectively with personal concerns.

Academic Advising
Counseling Services provides academic advising to all students who are undeclared. Counselor's sign course sections, course withdrawal, and change of major for all students who are undeclared. Any student who needs help with academic advising is encouraged to seek assistance from the Counselors.

Counseling Services sees the need to continue working with students who need academic guidance to help them succeed in school. Activities are arranged with students who are academically deficient.

Counseling Services maintains information in career guidance, career assessments and inventories, college handbooks and catalogues, and materials that will help students help with academic skills and information.

The ID-180 College Success Seminar is a two credit hour course that is required of all entering students and must be taken during the first thirty (30) hours of course work. This course is designed to help students get the most out of their academic experience by offering ongoing orientation to University life, academic self-help skills and career planning. ID180 learning outcomes/ assessment.

Special Services and Workshops
Counseling Services organizes projects with the colleges on counseling practicum, peer counseling and special projects. Research work and projects are conducted each year to help determine services and additional needs of college students.

  •     Pre-Semester Advisement
  •     Prevention Programs Series
  •     Student Campus Surveys
  •     High School Outreach and Education
  •     Peer Counseling
  •     Crisis Prevention
  •     and others


In addition, Student Counseling Services provides career assessments, interest inventories and individual assessments for college success.  These assessments help students improve their academic performance, select a major and career, enter professional programs, or obtain professional certification or licensure.