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Scholarship Recipient Embodies Strength and Perseverance

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Scholarship Recipient Embodies Strength and Perseverance

University of Guam

Rosetrina Elidok picks strawberries during an excursion on her senior trip to Japan while attending Guam Adventist Academy.

Sophomore Rosetrina Elidok wrote with conviction, describing the inner strength of women to carry on despite all odds.

In two pages, her essay urged the island to recognize the value of women and spread awareness of their importance.

“Teach the children that their mothers, older sisters, aunties, and grandmothers are important,” she wrote. “Remind them that these are the women that raised them so they deserved to be valued.”

Elidok’s words compelled the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce in June to award her with a $1,000 scholarship.

But living her life as that which she described—a strong woman of value and importance—has lead her to become an inspiration to both her family and community.

The oldest of five children, Elidok, like many students, balances her time between school, work, church and family responsibilities.

She admits at times it’s a lot to handle, but continues to invest in her future because not too long ago, others invested in her first.

In elementary school, the cost of attending Guam Adventist Academy became too much for Elidok’s family. After a couple years, they transferred her to public school, but after one week away, Elidok’s family received a surprising call from GAA.

“Some people actually set up money,” she said, “and from fifth to 12th grade I was completely sponsored. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t get that kind of support. Even though it’s coming from people I don’t know—people I don’t see—they see me.”

That investment paired with Elidok’s strong faith and devotion to her family became the basis of her motivation to keep pressing on.

University of Guam

Faith and Education 

Elidok was drawn to UOG’s nursing program because after four years, there was a good chance of getting a job, she thought. But not long after starting her college career did Elidok realize that by attending UOG, she could dream bigger than she had before.

“Now that I’m here, if I want to further my education, there are opportunities if I work hard now,” she said.

It was in her last two semesters, though, that Elidok experienced what she calls “the hardest part of her life so far.” Working part-time to help support her family while taking care of her younger siblings and attending classes left little time for much else. But she attributes her positive outlook—and 4.0 grade point averages in both semesters— to good friendships and her faith in God.

While she’s still planning out her future, Elidok knows she wants to someday help those in similar situations rise above and succeed.

“When you live in a place where you’re socially, culturally, and economically at the bottom, if that’s all you see, then that’s as good as life gets,” she explained. “If you don’t have an example of somebody who got out of that kind of community then you might not be able to realize that you have the potential to do that. I want to help other people in my situation rise above their situations and then go back and help other people out.”


Read Elidok's winning essayPDF icon rosetrina_elidoks_essay.pdf