Thomas E. Marler

 Thomas E. Marler, PhD

Professor, Fruit Science

location  Office Location:  ALS Bldg., Rm. 319
Mailing Address:UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96923
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Research interests

  • Ecophysiology of perennial tropical species
  • Abiotic stress in oceanic islands
  • Conservation of threatened plants


  • B.S., Horticulture, Mississippi State University
  • M.S., Horticulture, Mississippi State University
  • Ph.D., Horticulture, University of Florida

Selected publications

  • Marler, T.E. 2018. Bi-directional acclimation of Cycas micronesicaleaves to abrupt changes in incident light in understory and open habitats. Photosynthetica 56: 776-785.
  • Marler, T.E. and A.N.J. Cascasan. 2018. Carbohydrate depletion during lethal infestation of Aulacaspis yasumatsuion Cycas revoluta. International Journal of Plant Science 179: 497-504.
  • Marler, T.E. and R. del Moral. 2018. Increasing topographic influence on vegetation structure during primary succession. Plant Ecology 219: 1009-1020.
  • Marler, T.E. 2018. Axial and radial spatial patterns of non-structural carbohydrates in Cycas micronesica Plants 7: 49.
  • Marler, T.E. 2018. Coconut leaf age and coconut rhinoceros beetle herbivory influence leaflet nutrients, metals, and lignin. Horticulturae 4: 9.
  • Marler, T.E. 2017. Horticultural research crucial for plant conservation and ecosystem restoration. HortScience 52: 1648-1649.
  • Marler, T.E., A.J. Lindström, and P.N. Marler. 2017. Diversity in Cycas species offered as larval food influences fecundity of Chilades pandava International Journal of Insect Science 9: 1-6.
  • Marler, T.E. and G.N. Cruz. 2017. Adventitious rooting of mature Cycas micronesicaD. Hill tree stems reveals moderate success for salvage of an endangered cycad. Journal of Threatened Taxa 9: 10565-10570.
  • Marler, T.E. 2017. Diel root extension patterns of three Serianthesspecies are modulated by plant size. Plant Signaling & Behavior 12: 6.
  • Marler, T.E. 2017. Asexual reproduction to propel recovery efforts of the critically endangered Håyun Lågu tree (Serianthes nelsonii). Tropical Conservation Science 10: 1-10.