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Contact A Financial Aid Counselor

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Undergraduate Degrees

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Graduate Degrees

Financial Aid Counselors

(When e-mailing the office, please include your student ID number in the subject line)

Front Counter – for general inquiries: (671)735-2288 : Email: finaid@triton.uog.edu

Due to federal privacy regulations, we may be unable to provide you with certain information over the phone.

Mark A. Duarte, Director
Financial Aid Office

Norma Guevarra
Tel.: 735-2269
(Student Financial Assistance Programs (SFAP) to include Access to Higher Education Grant, Yamashita Teacher Corps, Nursing Training Program, Board of Regents Programs, and PROTECH)

Jordan F. Megofna
Tel.: 735-2285
E-mail: jordanm@uguam.uog.edu
Federal Aid to include Pell Grant and Direct Loans

Therese Quintanilla
Tel.: 735-2267
E-mail: nikkichech@uguam.uog.edu
Federal Aid to include Pell Grant and Direct Loans / G.I. Bill/VA

Frances Guerrero
Tel.: 735-2293
E-mail: didit@uguam.uog.edu
(Private/Regional) Scholarships

Christina Manglona
Tel.: 735-2570
E-mail: teena@uguam.uog.edu
(VA/GI Bill, Doc Sanchez, Federal Systems)

Stephanie Orak
Tel.: 735-2268
E-mail: nsorak@uguam.uog.edu
(Merit Scholarships, Federal Work Study, Federal Systems)

Government of Guam Scholarship Programs
(SFAP -Protech / YTC / Nursing Training Program)
Inquiries, please e-mail: sfap@triton.uog.edu