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Tuition fees and other charges at the University of Guam are established by the Board of Regents. The charges listed in the catalog are those in effect at the time of publication and are subject to change by the Board. 

Payments are accepted at Business Office (735-2923), Bursar’s Office (735-2940/3/5, or via WebAdvisor.

UOG accepts cash, check, and/or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express and other major credit cards).

An applicant is classified as a resident or non-resident registrant for tuition purposes at the time an application and all supporting credentials have been received in the Office of Admissions. The classification is based upon information furnished by the student and from other relevant sources. A student may be classified as a resident student by providing documentation prior to the opening of the semester or term; (See Resident and Non-Resident Students).

Fanuchånan (Aug. - Dec.) 2019 

Fañomnåkan (Jan. - May) 2020 
Finakpo' (June - Aug.) 2020 

Status Cost Per Credit
Cost Per Credit
Resident $210 $285
Non-Resident $504 $650
Auditing or Credit by Exam: Same as other courses.
Military Science courses are tuition-free.


At the time of registration, all students must pay the following fees:


Fanuchånan 2019 /

Fañomnåkan 2020



Registration $12 $12
Student Services $44 $24
Library Services $48 $48
Student Activities $24 $24
Health Services $12 $12
Athletics $32 $16
Computer $48 $48
Calvo Field House $22 $11
Internet $100 $90
Online Learning $40 $20
TOTAL: $382 $305

Undergraduate students taking 5 credits or less will be charged 50% of the student fee found in the current catalog for the regular Fanuchånan and Fañomnåkan semesters. Undergraduate students taking 5 credits or less during the Finakpo' term inclusive of sessions, A, B, and C, would be assessed a flat fee of $99.25.

If a student’s financial obligations have not been met, the Office of Admissions and Records will not release transcripts, diploma or other official records of the student, and the student will not be permitted to register for further courses. The University will charge interest of 8.5% per annum on all debts not received by the payment deadline. Students will have to pay fees if their account is sent to a Collection Agency. Matters relating to the student’s financial obligations to the University should be referred to the Bursar’s Office (735-2940/3/5). The University may report students with unpaid accounts to a credit bureau and/or Department of Revenue and Taxation.

For a complete summary of the 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance for UOG, see links below.

Residents Non-Residents
2019-2020 Cost of Attenance 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance


Payment deadlines are advertised each semester and during the Finakpo' terms in the Course Schedule advertisement. Please refer to current course schedule for payment deadlines.

If you register for a class and later decide to drop or withdraw from class(es), you will be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

Fanuchånan/Fañomnåkan Semesters


Before Aug. 21

During Aug. 21-27

After Aug. 27

Tuition 0% 5% 100%
Fees 0% 100% 100%


Finakpo’/Tinalo’ Semesters


1st Day of Session

1st Day
of Session


1st Day

Tuition 0% 5% 100%
Fees 0% 100% 100%