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UOG Student Travel Blog - AMA in Hong Kong and Singapore


UOG Student Travel Blog - AMA in Hong Kong and Singapore

A group of UOG Students from the American Marketing Association (AMA) student organization and Marketing Professor Terrie O’Brien recently embarked on a week-long journey to Hong Kong and Singapore as part of an international learning experience, one of many available at UOG.

Gabbie Franquez, a senior marketing / human resources major was willing to write about the experience. Her second post is below.  

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Day One in Hong Kong

It's day one in Hong Kong and the first thing on our agenda (besides breakfast and currency conversion) was to make our way to Ocean Park. This theme park is one that I've never seen before - the first half of the park was filled with game booths and synchronized water shows. The second half was located on a mountain, which you had to take a 15 minute cable car ride or train to reach the thrill seeking roller coaster rides, different types of aquariums, and animal exhibits. The topper was the scenic and picturesque view that Ocean Park captures by overlooking the South China Sea and Causeway Bay. 

With today being our first day, we are excited to see what Hong Kong has to offer. Things to look forward to include Disneyland Hong Kong, Victoria's Peak, Tian Tan Buddha, night markets, and indulging in authentic Chinese food. 

Biba UOG!

Xièxiè ni, zhídào xià yīcì 
(Thank you and until next time)
Gabbie Franquez


AMA in Hong Kong - Gabbie Franquez