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UOGFF Brings New Opportunities to Local Documentary

The inaugural University of Guam Film Festival (UOGFF) Spring Local Showcase held on April 18 has fulfilled its mission of providing local films the opportunity to thrive in a growing marketplace. Since the festival, the documentary “Beat the Beetle”, directed by Sarah Filush, has gained the interest of the Department of Education and the University of Guam. An original finalist scheduled to advance to the Guam International Film Festival in September, the film has an immediate opportunity to be used as an educational tool in the efforts towards eradicating the coconut rhinoceros beetle.
“After the release of the film at UOGFF, the university approached me requesting they put the film to use and immediately start educating the community on how to battle this infestation. In collaboration with UOG, we are in the works in teaming up with the Department of Education to work hand and hand with the future generations on tackling this issue”, says Filush.

“UOGFF has played such a major role in the success of my film! Everyone looks forward to our local film festival, so there is constant media coverage in the paper, on the news, and most especially on social media outlets.” Filush adds, “ I never would've imagined my first film to be featured as front page news! Also having my film featured and nominated for ‘Best Made in the Marianas’ at UOGFF has definitely granted me credibility for my work; which for me is very important as a new film artist”.

UOGFF Program Director Kel Muna states, “It’s a testament to the festival and our local talent that a film can have so much impact on our community. Although we’re sad that Sarah’s film will not be a part of the international festival in September due to festival regulations, in her place will be another deserving film, ‘Pakto: I Hinekka’, directed by Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Ph.D. We wish Sarah and her film, ‘Beat the Beetle’ all the best. Watch it, be educated and be entertained.”

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