Student Government Association


Student Government Association


“We, the Student Government Association of the University of Guam, as an elected and democratic constituency of the university community, a regional institution, under the authority of the Board of Regents of the University of Guam, as delegated to the President of the University of Guam, in order to provide a student government responsible for effective student participation in all areas of student concern; avail ourselves of opportunities for self-expression, maintain a harmonious environment among other constituencies of the university community, practice the principles of democracy in the governance of the campus; participate in the formation and improvement of educational programs; provide services and coordinate activities for students; and encourage cultural unity among other members of the university and the local communities; do hereby adopt this Constitution…”


Agendas & Minutes, and Bills & Resolutions 

SGA Agendas and Minutes from our meetings, as well as, all Bills and Resolutions passed by the 54th SGA are readily available at the SGA Office located in the Student Center Building

Fall 2015 :


SGA Regular Session Minutes: 1st to 5th

SGA Special Session Minutes

SGA Resolution Nos 54-01 to 54-06

SGA Bill Nos 54-01 to 54-30