The current state of our island has caused our community to think differently, to tap into a spirit of resiliency, and to come together in solidarity to overcome COVID-19 and its direct effect on Guam and her people. UOG Cares is part of the University of Guam's response to the needs of our students and reaffirms commitment to help our students reach their academic goals. UOG Cares provides students with support and solutions in the areas of finances, academics, and health & wellness.

Most classes will be held online for Fanuchånan 2020. Read more below.

Financial Relief

Take advantage of some amazing financial opportunities that UOG is putting together to bring down the cost of your education.

Academic Support

Surround yourself with everything you need to finish your degree. Meet with an academic advisor, find financial aid opportunities, connect with student organizations, take courses in online and hybrid formats, and more.

Health & Wellness

See what UOG is doing to prioritize your physical, mental, and spiritual health and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


We realize that you and your family may have been impacted financially during the pandemic. UOG is offering some amazing financial opportunities for our students to bring down the cost of their education this year.

UOG will be offering a 5% rebate to all new and returning students registering for classes in the Fanuchånan 2020 (Aug. to Dec.) semester. Open registration is going on now!
Total fees for the Fanuchånan 2020 have been reduced by 27%. Students will get up to $111 refunded from fees next semester. Contact 735-2214 for more information.

  Fanuchanan 2020 Fee Amount to Refund/Award Student
(6 credits or more)
Fee Amount to Refend/Award Student
(5 credits or less)
Registration $12.00 - -
Student Services $44.00 - -
Library Services $48.00 - -
Student Activities $24.00 $12.00 $6.00
Health Services $12.00 - -
$75.00 $25.00 $12.50
Computer Fee $48.00 $24.00 $12.00
Online Learning Fee $40.00 - -
Internet Fee $100.00 $50.00 $25.00
TOTAL $403.00 $111.00 $55.50
Total fees for the Finakpo’ 2020 summer sessions have been reduced by over 60%. The total fees are now $113.00 as outlined below.

Type of Fee Regular Fee Reduced for Finakpo’ 2020
Registration $12.00 $12.00
Student Services $24.00 $12.00
Library Fees $48.00 WAIVED
Student Activities $24.00 WAIVED
Health Services $12.00 WAIVED
Athletics $16.00 WAIVED
Computer Fee $48.00 $24.00
Calvo Field House $11.00 WAIVED
Internet $90.00 $45.00
Online Learning Fee $20.00 $20.00
TOTAL $305.00 $113.00
UOG Financial Aid Counselors are ready to help you find the right mix of financial aid opportunities to lower your cost of attending UOG. From federal and local scholarships, to grants and loans and more, find out how affordable attending UOG really is.
To help students cope with budget challenges, the Bursar’s Office has implemented the following initiatives:

  • Waived late fees for the Fañomnåkan 2020 and Fanuchånan 2020 semesters and Finakpo’ 2020 summer sessions
  • Extended payment deadlines
  • Optional monthly recurring payments through credit and debit cards
  • No Bursar holds until Fañomnåkan 2021

Contact the Bursar’s Office at bursar@triton.uog.edu or call 735-2945 for more information.
The University is also exploring other ways to provide discounts such as a textbook credit and meal vouchers for use on and off-campus. Other opportunities for financial support will be announced in the future.


We understand that in order to have the best and most meaningful academic experience, you need personal access to advisement, faculty, learning resources, technology, and more. Here are some tips and tools to overcome the economic hardship of the pandemic and to set you up for success.

Our academic advisors and counselors integrate career exploration and development, maintains career assessments and inventories that will help students improve their academic skills, select majors and careers, enter professional programs, and obtain professional certifications or licensure.
Take that next step in your academic journey! The sooner you register, the more flexible your scheduling options.
All summer courses in Finakpo’ 2020 will be available entirely online. However, depending on the state of the island later this year, we will be ready to hold Fanuchånan 2020 courses in a number of different formats.

Our world class faculty have developed different course delivery options to suit your needs. You may work well from home or off-campus taking online classes or prefer the traditional face-to-face interaction, or you may want the best of both worlds in a hybrid format.

Coming soon!

Students will save up to 70% traditional textbooks and e-books with the Triton Store’s new Inclusive Access program through our partner Redshelf. Textbooks and other course materials will be delivered electronically to your preferred laptop or mobile device at the beginning of each semester. Printed textbooks and e-books will continue to be available. Now you’ll have even more options for your course materials!
UOG has partnered with Docomo Pacific and GTA on special rates for students.


Your health and well-being is our priority. Here are some resources available to our students and measures UOG has put into place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

When we are able to welcome students back to the campus, UOG will provide each student with a reusable mask. Other PPE like face shields, gloves, and reuseable and disposable masks will be available at the Triton Store. Plastic barriers have been placed throughout customer service areas.
Proactive measures have been taken in accordance with CDC guidelines, current conditions, and Department of Public Health & Social Services protocols including:

  • Appropriate social distancing of 6 ft. or more
  • Temperature checks as needed
  • Increased cleaning frequency
  • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces
  • Resources available at the Student Health Offices
The pandemic has not only taken a physical toll but has also been a cause of mental anguish, stress, and anxiety. Counselors from Isa Psychological Services Center have been working throughout the pandemic to provide our University and island communities with free mental health services.

We're here to help!

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