Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule


MAY 2024

If your regular class meets: Final Exam Day is on: Exam Time:
MWF 08:00AM – 8:50AM MONDAY,
MAY 13, 2024

08:00AM – 09:50AM
MW 08:00AM – 09:20AM 08:00AM – 09:50AM
MW 09:30AM – 10:50AM 10:00AM – 11:50AM
MW 10:00AM – 10:50AM 10:00AM – 11:50AM
MW 12:30PM – 13:50PM 12:00PM – 13:50PM
MW 14:00PM – 15:20PM 14:00PM – 15:50PM
MW 16:00PM – 17:20PM 16:00PM – 17:50PM
MW 17:30PM – 18:50PM 18:00PM – 19:50PM
TTH 08:00AM – 09:20AM TUESDAY,
MAY 14, 2024
08:00AM – 09:50AM
TTH 09:30AM – 10:50AM 10:00AM – 11:50AM
TTH 12:30PM – 13:50PM 12:00PM – 13:50PM
TTH 14:00PM – 15:20PM 14:00PM – 15:50PM
TTH 16:00PM – 17:20PM 16:00PM – 17:50PM
TTH 17:30PM – 18:50PM 18:00PM – 19:50PM
MAY 15, 2024
08:00AM – 09:50AM
MWF 11:00AM – 11:50PM 10:00AM – 11:50AM
MW 11:00AM – 12:20PM 10:00AM – 11:50AM
TTH 11:00AM – 12:20PM 12:00PM – 13:50PM
MW 19:00PM – 20:20PM 18:00PM – 19:50PM

**Saturday classes will hold exams on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

**Note: As approved by the Dean, examinations for classes not listed above will be posted at the Dean’s Office. No other activities may be scheduled during Exam time.

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