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Micronesian Area Research Center

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Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center

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The Micronesian Area Research Center is the primary repository of Micronesian history, knowledge, and cultural preservation in our region. To continue their critical work, MARC needs your support.

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Monique Storie headshotMessage from the Director

The Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center was formally created in 1967 by Guam Public Law No. 9-106. This Public Law was introduced by Guam Congressman Richard Flores Taitano and the Research Center was named after him on its Thirtieth Anniversary in 1997.

The legislative creation of MARC was the result of a gathering together of scholars by former UOG President Dr. Antonio C. Yamashita and a transfer of funding for the enterprise by former Governor Manual F. Guerrero.

This Center contains over 40,000 volumes of resource materials on Guam and Micronesia, and 800 unpublished theses and dissertations. It contains many early publications such as the Guam Recorder.

There are housed at MARC more than 100,000 pages of Spanish documents, 23,000 photographic prints, 90,000 negatives, and 4,000 slides.

A popular part of the collection is the CHamoru Genealogy section, where more than 100 family genealogies have been traced.

A map collection is also maintained, and a manuscripts collection.

MARC has an impressive list of publications produced by MARC scholars, and the publication effort continues with the UOG Press currently housed at MARC.

MARC is currently undergoing a renewal of efforts on its 50th Anniversary and has established task forces to work on further developing the various aspects of the Center. MARC welcomes volunteers and students to partake of this process! A great proportion of the renewal efforts will be devoted to increased web based information to allow members of the public access to the treasure trove of information retained by MARC.


Si Yu’us Ma’åse

Dr. Monique C. Storie
Acting Director