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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

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Information for Graduating Students

  • UOG public-impact project to uncover and preserve less-documented World War II sites in Chuuk

  • Students came to know Smith for his jokes and stunts during lectures, but there was always a lesson.

    An inspirational professor brings his 30-year teaching career to a close

  • The program prepares the next generation of higher education professionals to be effective leaders.

    UOG professors selected for national leadership program

  • Keanno Fausto took third place in the BEA Festival of Media Arts for his micro-documentary.

    Student documentary on a transgender woman's journey wins film award

  • Photo of Maya Nanpei

    Once a struggling high school student, now UOG's valedictorian

  • Japanese professor Masumi Kai publishes book on indigenous language preservation

  • Political science professor Arun Swamy authors pieces on nationalism in India

  • How one student overcame self-doubt in an intimidating career field

  • Alyssa Gordon

    Alyssa Gordon wins Sociology Program's first-ever student award

  • Tuazon, left, at a prayer breakfast with fellow exchange and Japanese students.

    How a study-abroad experience charted the course for Alumna Kristine Tuazon