Buenas Yan Hafa Adai!

Welcome to the Pacific Islands Cohort on Cardiometabolic Health (PICCAH)


Cardiometabolic diseases are among the leading causes of death within the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Island (USAPI) region. Research in health disparities in our area is often overlooked and underserved.

The purpose of PICCAH is to collect the necessary health information influenced through biological, behavioral, and environmental factors, across two generations of families living in Guam.

Parents with children born between January 01, 2010 and December 31, 2014 are being asked to participate in our research study. Information collected through your participation will help address the lack of understanding of health disparities in Guam.

Your information will help build the foundation for future research on cardiometabolic disease in Guam, as well as the rest of the USAPI regions.