Student Government Association

Paving the Way

Student Government Association

Paving the Way

The University of Guam Student Government Association has been around for many years. Former council members and officers of SGA are still active citizens in our island community today. They are teachers in schools, Senators in the Legislator, even the Lieutenant Governor of Guam.

The University of Guam has a rich history and strong traditions. Commit to being a part of the positive change on campus and join SGA at our annual events like the Fall & Spring Assemblies, Charter Day games & activities, Blue Night, or run for a position in SGA in May!


51st SGA Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

The 51st SGA fought against the 10% tuition increase and helped secure a 2 year hold on the rising tuition. They were a part of outreach efforts in recruitment and encouraged more student involvement.

48th SGA Fall 2009—2010

Officers of the University of Guam’s Student Government Association recently received certification at the National Conference on Student Leadership in Washington D.C. on November 24, 2009. In the last three years the UOG SGA has sent 25 students for certification and all have returned home certified student leaders.


47th SGA Fall 2008—2009

SGA inducted its officers for the 2008-2009 Academic Year in September.


46th SGA Fall 2007—2008

Six members of the Student Government Association attend the National Conference on Student Leadership in Orlando, Florida. Of the six members, five were attending the conference seeking certification. After three days of workshops and interactions with numerous student government leaders from across the nation and London, I am proud to announce that all five members have passed the certification exam.