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Micronesian Area Research Center

Guampedia Partnership

The University of Guam Micronesian Area Research Center and Guampedia have collaborated to post a series of MARC documents on the Guampedia website, an online encyclopedic resource about the history, culture and contemporary issues of Guam.

Several issues of the Guam Recorder from the early 70s and seven lectures given by UOG President Robert A. Underwood have been posted, and are the first of many MARC documents to be shared with a worldwide audience over the web. “This partnership with Guampedia allows people to easily access these specific MARC documents, and we plan to have many more available in the future,” said Dr. John Peterson, Director of the Micronesian Area Research Center.

“For now, we plan to digitize MARC’s most requested historical materials to appear in Guampedia's MARC publications, plus some working papers such as Dr. Alex Kerr's Y Santa Biblia Word List and the soon to come Non Nok Tha Archaeological report. This will give these works a much wider reach,” said Shannon Murphy, Guampedia managing editor.

Among the Guam Recorder articles posted on the Guampedia website are:

  • Liberation of Guam, by Paul Carano
  • Surrender of Guam, by George J. McMillin
  • Diary of a Bishop, by Miguel Angel de Olano
  • San Vitores – An Introduction, by Paul Carano
  • Mariana de Austria, by Marjorie G. Driver
  • Guam – Spanish Overseas Empire, by M. Teresa del Valle, MMB
  • The Proas of the Marianas, by Thomas G. McGrath, SJ
  • The Manila Galleons, by Richard G. Doty
  • Chamorro Tools, by Emilie G. Johnston

The following lectures by UOG President Robert A. Underwood are also posted online by Guampedia:

  • An Appeal for Recognition of Chamorros as an Indigenous People - Read it
  • The Changing of the Colonial Guard: What do the Guarded Have to Say? - Read it
  • The Liberation of Guam Across the Generations - Read it
  • Thinking Out Loud: Ideas for Crafting a New Federal Territorial Relationship - Read it
  • Unfinished Business: The Meaning of 1898 - Read it

The entire list of documents can be found at http://guampedia.com/category/marc-publications.