New Pre-Pilot and Pilot Research Projects for Fanuchånan (Fall) 2018

New Pre-Pilot and Pilot Research Projects for Fanuchånan (Fall) 2018

New Pre-Pilot and Pilot Research Projects for Fanuchånan (Fall) 2018


Funding Opportunity Announcement for new Pre-Pilot and Pilot Research Projects
University of Guam/University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center Partnership (U54)

The University of Guam (UOG)/University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center (UHCC) Partnership (U54) announces funding
available in Fall 2018 for new pre-pilot and pilot research projects designed to address significant cancer health
disparities among Pacific Islanders in Guam, Hawaii, and the U.S. Associated Pacific Island jurisdictions. Cancer
research expertise and experience of UHCC faculty is to be paired with UOG faculty on joint research projects that
address cancer related issues, priorities and opportunities unique to the region. The Partnership supports research
across the cancer research continuum; this competition is open to all disciplines from biology to health sciences and
social sciences.

Funding Available: Up to $100,000/year in combined (UOG+UHCC) direct costs is available in Fall 2018 for pre-
pilot and pilot cancer research projects. Continued funding is dependent upon project need, demonstrated progress,
and the availability of funds.

Requirements: Because the UOG/UHCC Partnership supports research collaboration and mentorship while
leveraging resources at the partnering institutions, research proposals require co-leader representation from both the
UOG and UHCC. Collaborating investigators must be full-time faculty at UOG and cancer center members at UH.
Joint research projects conducted primarily at the UOG may be in any area of cancer research (e.g. basic, clinical,
translational, prevention, control, behavioral, and/or population research), whereas joint research projects primarily
conducted at UHCC must specifically address cancer health disparities in Pacific Islanders.

Applications: Written concept proposals are due by Monday, September 10, 2018 (Hawai‘i Time) / Friday,
September 11, 2018 (Guam Time). Collaborating investigators should use the attached application form to address
the following components: Background/Problem, Hypothesis, Specific Aims, and a brief description of Methodology.
Collaborating investigators responding to this funding announcement should jointly submit concept proposals by the
September 10 (Hawaii)/ September 11 (Guam), 2018 deadline to: and

Review Criteria and Process: Concepts must align with the aims of the U54 parent grant and have the potential to
develop into a competing/fundable R-type research project. Preference will be given to applicants with concepts that
best position the UOG/UHCC Partnership for competitive renewal in 2020 (see PAR-18-361). All research concepts
will be reviewed by members of the Partnership’s Internal Advisory Committee (IAC); collaborating co-leaders of the
most promising concepts will be invited to submit fully developed proposals for IAC review.

Questions: Principal investigators of the UOG/UHCC Partnership are available to respond to questions from
interested applicants; please contact at UOG and at UH. For more
information about the University of Guam/University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center Partnership, please see the program’s
website at

Research supported by the UOG/UHCC Partnership is made available by the National Cancer Institute, Center to
Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, grant numbers U54CA143727 and U54CA143728.