In the News: UOG Alumna Gera Datuin

In the News: UOG Alumna Gera Datuin

In the News: UOG Alumna Gera Datuin


UOG Alumna in the News

In this Nov. 11, 2018, article, The Guam Daily Post highlights University of Guam Alumna Gera Datuin, the first Guam resident in nearly a decade to receive a Fulbright award. She returned to Guam over the summer following a year in the United Kingdom studying the effect of pesticides on queen bee populations at various farms.

Fulbright Scholar

Returning Fulbright scholar hopes she won't be Guam's last

As graduation day neared, Gera Datuin, then an anthropology major at the University of Guam, set her sights on a postgraduate degree in conservation despite having no background in biological science. But after months of crafting the perfect application essay prior to her UOG graduation, Datuin didn't get the response she was hoping for. 

"I didn't get any bites at all to do a master's (degree) off island, so when I graduated I got a job," she said.

Datuin, whose interest in conservation stemmed from working as an AmeriCorps volunteer with the Department of Agriculture in 2010, said part of the problem was the fact that she was applying for a biology-related degree with no biology ...