UOG honors its veterans for Veteran's Day

UOG honors its veterans for Veteran's Day

UOG honors its veterans for Veteran's Day


Veteran's Day flags

In honor of Veteran's Day, the University of Guam Student Veterans Organization dedicated one U.S. flag for every UOG student who has served in the U.S. armed forces. In total, more than 200 UOG students are veterans.


The University of Guam held a ceremony on Nov. 7 in honor of Veteran’s Day and in honor of the 200+ UOG students and 22 employees who have served in the nation’s armed forces.

Delivering the keynote address at the ceremony was Brig. Gen. Johnny S. Lizama, the assistant adjutant general of the Guam National Guard and commander of the Guam Air National Guard, who is also a UOG alumni.

“[Guam’s] distance has not affected the impact our veterans have made, nor has the size of our land mass or population in comparison to our counterparts. Since Guamanians have been allowed to serve in the armed forces, we have never hesitated to answer the call,” he said.

The tribute ceremony featured a collection of U.S. flags put together by the Student Veterans Organization. Tied to each flag was the name of a UOG student who has served.

After the ceremony, the student veterans who attended shared what it meant to them:

“It made me feel proud. It’s nice to have veterans being honored, especially student veterans. A lot of times they go unrecognized because they transition from the service to a civilian career. It was nice to have.”

    Mark Anthony Mantanona
    Former Sergeant, U.S. Army

“I cried when they were talking. It reminds me back when I lost a lot of soldiers. I brought them home. They were buried here. It means a lot. It reminds these young students that there’s people serving this country, and there’s people in this organization [serving this country].”

    Manser Patis
    Fine Arts Major
    Served 20 years and five deployments in the Army infantry

“It showed the University’s appreciation for veterans. It was heartfelt. I was singing the Marine Corps hymn while they were playing it.”

    Anthony Dela Cruz
    Physical Education Major
    Former Sergeant, U.S. Marines

Student Veterans Organization

Members of the University of Guam Student Veterans Organization: (From left) Amy Jackson; Mark Anthony Mantanona; John Savares, president of the SVO; Julio Venegas; Anthony Dela Cruz; and Manser Patis.

UOG seeks to support former servicemembers in their educational pursuits and does so through several means:

  • The Student Veterans Organization is an outreach organization that provides resources, support, and advocacy to foster a supportive campus environment for veterans.
  • The Veteran Student Support Group is an advisory group of faculty, administrators, and staff who support the success of veteran students in a collegiate environment by ensuring they have access to advisement and counseling and by educating faculty education on veteran students.
  • The Veteran Resource Center is a study lounge in the Student Services Center where enrolled veterans as well as active-duty military personnel, spouses, and dependents can receive peer and academic support, tutoring, and access to computers, printers and internet service. A coordinator from the Guam Vet Center also comes to the center twice per month to offer students information on Veterans Affairs.
  • Student Counseling Services are available with an open-door policy in the Enrollment Management and Student Success office in the Student Services Center. UOG has a licensed professional counselor specializing in counseling individuals with anxiety and PTSD. The office also offers different types of therapy and seminars.