UOG hosts high school science interns from the Philippines

UOG hosts high school science interns from the Philippines

UOG hosts high school science interns from the Philippines


Philippine Science High School interns at UOG

(Back row, from left) Dr. Lee S. Yudin, Dean of the College of Natural & Applied Sciences at the University of Guam; Joemar Ramos, teacher chaperone for PSHS students; Matt Mills, marine biology graduate student at UOG; Daniel Adriano, Teaching Assistant at CNAS; Eduardo Biala, Laboratory Technician III at CNAS; Karla Wang, Laboratory Technician Supervisor at CNAS; Carlos R. Taitano, Director of Professional & International Programs at UOG; (front row, from left) PSHS students JP P. Superficial; Gideon Bendicion; Beverly Constantino; Justin Tan; Amos Tuangco; and Ryne Molina. (Not pictured: PSHS student Josua Galotera.)


The College of Natural & Applied Sciences and the Marine Laboratory at the University of Guam hosted high school students from the Philippines in June and July for an 80-hour science immersion internship program. The Philippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus in Iloilo City, Philippines, initially reached out with the request, as seven students had indicated a preference for interning at UOG based on their science and research interests.

“This was a great way to promote the University to foreign students who are trying to figure out what path they would like to pursue when they graduate high school,” said Carlos R. Taitano, Director of UOG’s Professional & International Programs.

Three students interned with CNAS, where they experienced an introduction to college chemistry, including standard lab practices and procedures. Four students interned with the Marine Lab, where they collected calcifying algae from the field and processed the samples in the molecular lab.

The internship is a requirement for the school’s 10th and 11th grade students in order to provide them hands-on science laboratory experience, allow them to interact and establish linkages to institutions, scientists, and research practitioners, and inspire their future careers.

Several students indicated interest in attending UOG in the future.

"Having established a good connection with UOG brings me more opportunities for my future studies. I would encourage my other classmates to pursue their career choice at UOG," said Josua Galotera, one of the student interns.

Justin Tan, another student in the program, said the proximity of UOG to the Philippines is a plus when considering opportunities for education.

"The location of UOG is ideal for having a U.S.-quality research experience and equipment without being too far from the Philippines," he said.

UOG graduate students, who served as the internship site supervisors, benefitted from the exchange as well, Taitano said, by being able to showcase their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields of study.


About the Philippines Science High School

The Philippines Science High School System is a service agency of the Philippines’ Department of Science & Technology. It is a specialized public high school system with a mandate to provide scholarships to students with high aptitude in science and mathematics and to prepare them for careers in science and technology fields.