Runners compete in UOG’s Annual Charter Day 2K/5K Run

Runners compete in UOG’s Annual Charter Day 2K/5K Run

Runners compete in UOG’s Annual Charter Day 2K/5K Run


Runners line up at the starting line for the University of Guam Annual Charter Day 5K on March 12. 

Winner certificates were awarded to 53 participants in the University of Guam’s Annual Charter Day 2K/5K Run, which was held on March 10. Certificates were awarded to the top three males and females in each of eight divisions for the 5K and for the top five Youth Division runners in the 2K.

Chris Rasmussen and Jennifer Paz-Pulmones, both in the master division (ages 40-49), won the 5K races for the men’s and women’s divisions with times of 18:46 and 25:29, respectively, and Matthew Leon Guerrero, in the youth division (ages 13 and below), won the 2K event with a time of 13:42.

The race is part of UOG’s Annual Charter Day event, which is the university’s largest public event, welcoming more than 5,000 people to the campus to celebrate UOG’s continued commitment to excellence in academics, research, and service. This year marked the university’s 51st anniversary since the signing of its charter.

Charter Day 2019 2K/5K Race Results

5K Overall Winners
Place Female Time Male Time
1 Jennifer Paz-Pulmones 25:29 Chris Rasmussen 18:46
2 Debra Guillory 26:11 Mark Imazu 20:19
3 Darlynn Manlengit 26:23 Adrian Ada 20:24
5K Division Winners
Division Female Time Male Time
Junior(14-19)     Mark Imazu 20:19
Open(20-29) Darlynn Manlengit 26:23 Arthur Toves21:28 21:28
Sub-master (30-39) KristiAnna Whitman 36:06 Adrian Ada 20:24
Master (40-49) Jennifer Pulmones-Paz 25:29 Chris Rasmussen 18:46
Senior (50-59) Kayt Garner 28:07 Fred Schumann 26:06
Grandmaster (60-69) Kate Moots 31:34 Ador Gaerlan 30:06
Manåmko' (70 and above) Anna Pangelinan 32:44 Johnny Yu 33:12
2K Overall Winners
Place Name Time    
1 Matthew Leon Guerrero 13:42    
2 Riza Luzano 13:43    
3 Ashlynn Abagatnan 15:45    
4 Levi Denton 16:34    
5 Jariz Macaraeg 16:38    

View the complete race results here.

(From left) Ashlynn Abagatnan, Jariz Macaraeg, and Riza Luzano finished the 2K in third, fifth, and second place, respectively. 


Matthew Leon Guerrero finished first in the 2K with a time of 13:42. 


The top finishers in the 5K Men’s Master Division. (From left) Chris Rasmussen and Paulo Philamon. Rasmussen was also the top male and top overall finisher. 

The top finishers in the 5K Women’s Master Division. (From left) Jennifer Pulmones-Paz, Debra Guillory, and Anna Haun. Pulmones-Paz was also the top female finisher overall.