First Karri Perez Scholarship awarded to former student of Perez

First Karri Perez Scholarship awarded to former student of Perez

First Karri Perez Scholarship awarded to former student of Perez


Karri Perez Scholarship Awardee
Anita Borja Enriquez; Thomas W. Krise; Hannah Mendiola; Gerald Perez; Annette Santos; Lawrence F. Camacho; and Katrina T. Perez

Hannah Mendiola, a Bachelor of Business Administration major at the University of Guam, is the first recipient of the Dr. Karri Perez Entrepreneurial Scholarship. The $1,000 award is a memorial scholarship established by the family of the late Karri Perez, a long-serving faculty member at the university’s School of Business and Public Administration who passed away last January.

With an MBA and a doctorate in human and organizational systems, Perez taught global resources management and was well-known in the community as a business consultant and trainer in organizational leadership, human resources, and project management as well as a leader of many service organizations.

“My wife, Karri, had a passion while she was teaching here,” said Karri Perez’s husband, Gerald Perez, who, with an interdisciplinary doctorate in tourism development and public policy, serves as an adjunct faculty member at the university. “Her passion was translating academic exercise in the classroom to the real world, having come from the corporate world herself. … She was so passionately supportive of individuality, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance, so it was in that spirit that we established this scholarship.”

The scholarship was specifically for students with an interest in entrepreneurship and a minimum GPA of 2.5. Mendiola is a former student of Perez.

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