Press Release: Board of Regents approves tuition increase

Press Release: Board of Regents approves tuition increase

Press Release: Board of Regents approves tuition increase


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In a special meeting on Oct. 16, the University of Guam Board of Regents passed a resolution approving tuition increases beginning in the Fanuchånan (Aug. to Dec.) 2020 semester. The first tuition increase will be up to 5% in August, with up to 5% increases in each of the following five semesters or until reaching 30%. The resolution also states that the UOG president will have the authority to lower, cancel, or delay any tuition increases throughout this period.

More than 100 students walked out of classes at 1:15 p.m. prior to the special meeting to oppose the 30% increase that was previously planned to begin with a 10% increase in January.

“Our students let their voices be known, and we heard them loud and clear,” said UOG President Thomas W. Krise. “Our Board of Regents and the administration listened to their comments from last week’s public hearing and were impressed with the students demonstrating today.”

The board also passed another resolution adjusting certain student and course fees. The resolution gives the UOG president the authority to delay or decrease fees if necessary.

Krise added, “I think it was great for our students to see that their opinions matter and that their ability to stand up for their beliefs can affect change. We will continue to support our students’academic, social, and professional needs, and we hope that they will support and engage their University as a partner in their pursuit of success.”

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