Gain skills, build community as an AmeriCorps volunteer

Gain skills, build community as an AmeriCorps volunteer

Gain skills, build community as an AmeriCorps volunteer


AmeriCorps Members
AmeriCorps members welcome new students to campus at New Student Orientation in January 2020.
AmeriCorps at New Student Orientation
An AmeriCorps member assists a new student at UOG's New Student Orientation in January 2020.

Become a part of the change you want to see in the community by volunteering with the UOG AmeriCorps program.

The AmeriCorps UOG Volunteer Center is accepting applications until Aug. 31 to fill 70 slots. Members will begin service in September 2020. Experience is not required because you’ll receive that training, but you must be motivated! 

As a member of AmeriCorps UOG, you will engage with high school students, college students, and members of the community to create awareness and provide assistance in the areas of:

  • education
  • environmental stewardship
  • disaster preparedness
  • capacity building (volunteerism)

The AmeriCorps UOG program accepts applicants from the community at large. With the Volunteer Center located on the UOG campus, it is an ideal and convenient opportunity for UOG and Guam Community College students to serve their hours before, after, or in between classes.

Join our team and become a part of our mission to get things done!


  1. U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident
  2. At least 17 years old
  3. High school diploma
  4. Valid U.S. Social Security Number
  5. Able to serve 20 – 25 hours per week from Monday through Friday and an additional four hours on Saturdays


  1. Earn a monthly living allowance of $528.
  2. Earn a $3,047.50 scholarship award upon the successful completion of a 12-month term with 900 hours of service.

How to Apply

  • Option 1: Fill out a pdf application and submit online through the Serve Guam Commission at
  • Option 2: Create an account on and submit through the AmeriCorps UOG Volunteer Center portal at

For assistance and more information, call (671) 735-2231 or 488-8766, or email