60th Student Government Association inducts new officers and senators

60th Student Government Association inducts new officers and senators

60th Student Government Association inducts new officers and senators

Newly inducted officers and senators. (From left) Sen. Rozanna Claros; Sen. and Acting Secretary Christian Ramo; Treasurer Paula Gozon; President Angelo Paule; Sen. and Acting Vice President Kyona Rivera; Sen. Xiantei Limtuatco; and Sen. Loreto Paulino. 
60th SGA President Angelo Paule gives closing remarks at the SGA inauguration ceremony held on Aug. 7 at the Calvo Field House. 
(Back row, from left) Vice President of Administration and Finance Randy Wiegand; CLASS Dean James Sellmann; (middle row, from left) Assistant Professor of Management James Ji; Professor of Library Science Roland San Nicolas; Adjunct Professor of Management Daphne Leon Guerrero; SGA Treasurer Paula Gozon ; SGA Senator and Acting Secretary Christian Ramos; SGA Senator and Acting Vice President Kyona Rivera; SGA President Angelo Paule; Sen. Amanda Shelton; SGA Senator Rozanna Claros; SGA Senator Xiantei Limtuatco; SGA Senator Loreto Paulino; UOG Senior Vice President & Provost Anita Bora Enriquez; UOG President Thomas Krise; Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Success Lawrence Camacho; (front row, from left) SBPA Dean Annette Santos; CNAS Dean Lee Yudin; and SOE Dean Alicia Aguon. 

The University of Guam Student Government Association inducted its newly elected members at an inauguration ceremony on Aug. 7 at the Calvo Field House.

SGA aims to represent the interests of students while protecting and preserving the traditions of the University. The council works to recruit new students through outreach endeavors and activities. SGA also supports student organizations academically through community events.

The new officers and senators include two students from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, three students from the School of Business and Public Administration, one student from the School of Education, one student from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and one undeclared student. 

The newly inducted officers and senators are as follows:
• Angelo Paule, President (CLASS)
• Kyona Rivera, Senator and Acting Vice President (CLASS)
• Paula Regine Gozon, Treasurer (SBPA) 
• Christian Gyles Dulay Ramos, Senator and Acting Secretary (SBPA)
• Loreto A.F. Paulino Jr., Senator (CNAS)
• Xiantei Aquino Limtuatco, Senator (SBPA)
• Rozanna San Agustin Claros, Senator (SOE)
• Cheyenne Sablan, Senator (Undeclared)

Assistant Professor James Ji joins Professor Roland San Nicolas and Adjunct Professor Daphne Leon Guerrero as the council’s faculty advisors. 

“It’s refreshing to see a group of highly motivated and proactive students charting a path toward success for themselves and their fellow Tritons,” Leon Guerrero said. 

Paule, the newly inducted SGA president and a political science major, said he joined SGA to represent the interests of UOG students and build the capacities and networks of SGA. 

"Recent events have shown that to not just return to normal, but to progress, we must emphasize the principle of interdependence. Our well-being as students depends on the well-being of others,” Paule said. “We look forward to contributing to the ever-upward trendline of humanity, starting here at the University of Guam."