Master’s students to host political status forum this Saturday

Master’s students to host political status forum this Saturday

Master’s students to host political status forum this Saturday


Presidential Lecture Series
Attorney General of Guam Leevin Camacho, right, and U.S. Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan Jr. of the District Court of Guam sit on a law-focused panel about Guam’s political status for the University Guam’s 40th Presidential Lecture Series in May 2019.

The Administrative Law (PA-540) class of the University of Guam’s Master of Public Administration program will be hosting a virtual political status forum at 11 a.m. this Saturday titled “Guam’s Political Status: Where We Are Now and Where We Can Be Tomorrow.”

The forum comes on the heels of H.R. 1 (For the People Act of 2021) and H.R. 2070 and S. 865, both relative to the self-determination of Puerto Rico, which were introduced in Congress earlier this year seeking to address injustices in the U.S. territories and as Guam continues to explore self-determination and decolonization. The forum seeks to foster discussion and a better understanding of the insular cases and their implications to the U.S. territories and, specifically, Guam. 

The panelists and guest speakers will consist of political and legal experts as well as scholars who will help guide the discussion.

• Lou Leon Guerrero, Governor of Guam
• Anita Sukola, Retired Judge of the Superior Court of Guam
• Leevin Camacho, Attorney General of Guam
• Carlyle Corbin, International Advisor on Self-Governance and Former United Nations Representative from the U.S. Virgin Islands 
• Robert A. Underwood, President Emeritus of the University of Guam
• Ronald L. McNinch, Associate Professor of Public Administration at the University of Guam

Special Guests:
• Thomas W. Krise, President of the University of Guam
• Annette T. Santos, Dean of UOG’s School of Business and Public Administration
• John Rivera, Program Director of UOG’s Master of Public Administration Program
• Neil Weare, President and Founder of Equally American

The virtual forum will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday, May 8. Those interested in tuning in may register at

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