UOG releases 11th volume of Pacific Asia Inquiry

UOG releases 11th volume of Pacific Asia Inquiry

UOG releases 11th volume of Pacific Asia Inquiry



The University of Guam College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences has released Volume 11 of its peer-reviewed online journal “Pacific Asia Inquiry: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.” The volume is available for download on the UOG website at www.uog.edu/pai.

Pacific Asia Inquiry

This latest volume includes manuscripts representing examples of historical, socio-cultural, and philosophical research. Topics range from the impact of climate change and food security in the Marshall Islands to the Jesuit presence in the Mariana Islands, among others. Inserted between the articles are statements from nine scholars and cultural experts about philosophical wisdom in the Pacific.

The volume also includes book reviews on:

  • “Coral and Concrete: Remembering Kwajalein Atoll between Japan, America, and the Marshall Islands” by Greg Dvorak
  • “The Frolic of the Beasts” by Yukio Mishima
  • “Possessing Polynesians: The Science of Settler ColonialWhiteness in Hawaiʻi and Oceania” by Maile Arvin
  • “Our Voices, Our Histories: Asian American and Pacific Islander Women” by Shirley Hune and Gail M. Nomura
  • “New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future” by James Bridle.
Now accepting article submissions for Vol. 12

The editorial board of the Pacific Asia Inquiry invites submissions of articles, critical essays, and case studies as well as book, film, and other reviews specific to the Pacific Islands and Asia region for possible publication in Volume 12. Submissions from across the liberal arts, including biological and environmental studies, and the social sciences are welcome.

Guidelines and procedures are available at www.uog.edu/pai. The deadline for submissions Aug. 2, 2021. For more information, contact the editor, Mary L. Spencer, and assistant editor, Troy McVey, at pacific.asia@triton.uog.edu.

About Pacific Asia Inquiry

The Pacific Asia Inquiry is a peer-reviewed online journal first published in 2010. It is edited and produced by the University of Guam’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Its mission is to showcase works on the Pacific Asia region and advance knowledge and understanding of this region. The journal provides a necessary outlet for contributions drawn from multiple disciplines in the social sciences and liberal arts, with Pacific Asia always its central theme.

For more information about Pacific Asia Inquiry and to view past volumes, visit www.uog.edu/pai.