UOG professors weigh in on job market trends

UOG professors weigh in on job market trends

UOG professors weigh in on job market trends


Experts weigh in on current job market trends

Published by ZIPPIA (January 2021)

"Given the change of course that has happened in the world, we wanted to provide expert opinions on what aspiring graduates can do to start off their careers in an uncertain economic climate. We wanted to know what skills will be more important, where the economy is doing relatively well, and if there will be any lasting effects on the job market.

Companies are looking for candidates that can handle the new responsibilities of the job market. Recent graduates actually have an advantage because they are comfortable using newer technologies and have been communicating virtually their whole lives. They can take what they've learned and apply it immediately.

We spoke to professors and experts from several universities and companies to get their opinions on where the job market for recent graduates is heading, as well as how young graduates entering the industry can be adequately prepared. Here are their thoughts."

Panel of Experts on Public Health Administration Jobs

  • John Rivera, Ph.D. - University of Guam
  • Pamela Johnson, Ph.D. - North Dakota State University
  • Kip Miller - Bowling Green State University
  • Janine Duncan, Ph.D. - Kansas State University
  • Patrick Lane - Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Panel of Experts on Biotechnology Jobs

  • Daniel Lindstrom, Ph.D. - University of Guam
  • Travis Rieder, Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University
  • Roy Carriker, Ph.D. - Drexel University
  • Anne Wertheimer, Ph.D. - University of Arizona
  • Cary Lai, Ph.D. - University of San Francisco
  • H. Bobby Fokidis, Ph.D. - Rollins College
  • Dr. Roger S. Greenwell Jr. - Worcester State University
  • Dr. David G. Argent - California University of Pennsylvania

Dr. John Rivera
Dr. John Rivera
Dr. John Rivera is an associate professor of public administration and the Master of Public Administration program director at the University of Guam's School of Business and Public Administration.






Dr. Daniel Lindstrom
Dr. Daniel Lindstrom
Dr. Daniel P. Lindstrom is an associate professor of biology and chair of the Division of Natural Sciences at the University of Guam's College of Natural and Applied Sciences.