Triton Advising Center: A new hub to guide students to graduation

Triton Advising Center: A new hub to guide students to graduation

Triton Advising Center: A new hub to guide students to graduation


Photo of the Triton Advising Center kiosk

Senior Student Academic Counseling Specialist Lorenzo Eduvala advises a student at the Triton Advising Center kiosk located inside the UOG Student Center.

Triton Advising Center Kiosk Hours

Monday to Friday 

  • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 
  • 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • Closed during summer and intersession 

The start of the Fañomnåkan 2022 semester brings with it a new hub for student success in academic, financial, and career navigation: the all-new Triton Advising Center.

Many students can resonate with the fact that college can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if they’re new to the process and feel surrounded by information but have no starting point. 

Developed by a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the TAC aims to be not only a starting point, but a continued resource for UOG students throughout their academic journey. As the TAC logo, in the shape of a compass, suggests, the center aims to provide direction. The center’s focus is in three key areas: academics, financial solvency, and career development. 

Photo of Dean Lawrence Camacho"The Triton Advising Center will improve and strengthen our advising initiatives — it is designed to bring synergy to the vast ecosystem of support the University provides to students,” said Lawrence Camacho, dean of Enrollment Management and Student Success, which has oversight of the center. “We are confident that this initiative, which is part of our five-year Para Hulo' Strategic Plan, will significantly increase our retention and graduation rate."  

The TAC replaces the former Student Advisement & Counseling Services office under EMSS, becoming the advisement hub for undergraduate students until they’ve declared a major and have an assigned adviser within their program. It also works in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office and the Career Development Office, directing students to their available resources and specialists. 

Students can visit the Triton Advising Center kiosk, housed within the Student Center on campus, or visit the TAC webpage to schedule advisement appointments, access tools and resources, or simply ask questions. 

Photo of Camarin Flores“As the central hub, we want to make sure that every Triton feels like a priority and that we meet their needs to achieve student preparedness for graduation and life thereafter,” said TAC Project Director Camarin Joleen Flores.

Visit the Triton Advising Center webpage

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