Accounting scholar thankful for the guidance of her mom, mentors at UOG

Accounting scholar thankful for the guidance of her mom, mentors at UOG

Accounting scholar thankful for the guidance of her mom, mentors at UOG


Jamabeva Masangkay poses for a photo with AICPA photo on laptop
Jamabeva "Jamie" Masangkay

Jamabeva “Jamie” Masangkay has been selected as one of 195 in the nation to receive the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Foundation Scholarship for Future CPAs this year.

Masangkay is a University of Guam graduate student and an alumna.

After she graduated in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, she enrolled in the new Master of Accountancy Program at the University. 

She also holds a full-time job as a tax accountant with the Guam office of accounting firm Ernst & Young.

The $5,000 scholarship is awarded each year by the foundation for the largest organization of Certified Public Accountants in the United States, with more than 428,000 members in 130 countries.

She expressed gratitude to her mother Jacqueline Masangkay, a math/science teacher, currently teaching at Simon Sanchez High School for her guidance. She also is grateful for her UOG mentors Martha Suez-Sales, assistant professor of accounting and Program Chair for the Master of Accountancy Program at UOG, and Dr. Doreen Crisostomo-Muña, professor of accounting. 

Here are some of her thoughts about her path to earning a CPA license and being a proud UOG alumna and graduate student.  

Learn more about the Master of Accountancy Program at the University of Guam.

Question: Why did you choose accounting?

Answer: Accounting is an excellent career path that offers versatility, job stability, and many opportunities for professional growth. Aside from these factors, I chose accounting as it is quite the engaging career path for those who are looking to apply their analytical skills to find creative solutions. The work that accountants do ultimately helps businesses in achieving their financial goals as well as adhering to the necessary compliance for financial reporting.

Q: Who inspired you?

A: My mom has always been one of my inspirations. Her dedication to our family and her work ethic has shaped the person I am today. She taught me the importance of perseverance and the value of hard work in pursuing my goals.

Q: How early in life did you realize this is the profession you want to go for?

A: Truthfully, accounting was not my dream job when I was younger. However, during my undergraduate years at UOG, I had the chance to explore different career paths and reflect on the type of career I want in the future. I soon realized just how much an accounting career resonated with me. As someone who was always fond of puzzles, math problems, and financial literacy, it all seemed to click. Having a career in accounting has allowed me to perform work that aligns with my interests, and it’s a job where I can effectively apply my analytical skills in an industry abundant with fulfilling opportunities for professional growth. 

Q: Some people say math is hard. What can you say to them?

A: I am a firm believer of the theory of multiple intelligences. That is, everyone has their own unique strengths and learning styles. I think that with a lot of practice, patience, and building a strong foundation in the fundamentals, anyone can improve their mathematical skills.

Q: Many of Guam youth seek to leave the island for higher education. You stayed here at UOG. Describe the value you get from a UOG education.

A: Apart from the fact that it is significantly less expensive to attend the University of Guam for higher education, UOG has an irreplicable sense of home and community, full of people who yearn for a bigger future for themselves and for their island home. Being surrounded with such a warm and supportive environment continues to be a key element in helping me stay motivated during my academic career.

Q: Who are your mentors at UOG and how did they help shape your future career or current career?

A: Dr. Suez-Sales and Dr. Crisostomo-Muña are two of the most notable pillars of the accounting community here at the University of Guam. Both of them have inspired many of their students and propelled me into where I am now in my career as a public accountant. Other than their insightful lectures, they also helped solidify my career by encouraging students like me to network with the accounting community through Junior Accountants Society and other extra-curricular clubs. Actively participating in these organizations gave me invaluable insights on what the accounting industry has to offer from such an early point in my academic journey at UOG. These two professors are also consistent in providing their students with resources to succeed beyond the four walls of the classroom, which is how I knew about this scholarship in the first place.

Q: How do you overcome an obstacle or obstacles? 

A: Facing adversities is a part of what shapes who we are. Most obstacles in life tend to be large and overwhelming. I find it effective to break down these obstacles into less intimidating and more realistic segments. It’s also important to understand my limitations and develop attainable goals to overcome each hurdle. There can be a 20-story building, but with a set of stairs, one can successfully climb to the top with each step.

Q: How did your family help you get to where you are today? 

A: My family’s unwavering support, sacrifices, and encouragement are the foundation for my success and play such an important role in shaping my journey. Their love and belief in me are main sources of my determination and have helped me achieve my accomplishments and overcome obstacles.