Margaret Perez Hattori-Uchima School of Health

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Margaret Perez Hattori-Uchima School of Health

Degree Programs


Admissions Information

For information about the bachelor's degree including RN to BSN, contact the Academic Advisement and Assessment Coordinator at

For information about the nursing program policies, program outlines, program brochures, advisement or registration clearance, go to Health Science Building Rm 100, call (671) 735-2650, or email Current pre-nursing and nursing majors should see their nursing faculty advisers during the semester or before pre-registration for advisement/registration clearance.

For information on nursing courses, and admission procedures, please consult the UOG Undergraduate Catalog, which is updated annually.


Student Advisement

Academic advisement is provided to assist students throughout their educational career as they prepare to become competent entry-level professionals. The faculty advisor monitors student progress, provides consultation in planning a course of study, and assists in problem solving with regard to classroom, clinical pratice, and field course work. The advisor serves as an "anchor person" with whom students may confer regarding any program-related problem or question.

The Nursing AASC (Admissions and Academic Standards Committee) appoints a faculty advisor to students accepted to the nursing program. The advisor is named in the letter of acceptance. Usually that relationship continues until the student graduates, withdraws, or changes majors within the University. Students who are taking courses toward nursing as a major and have not been accepted to the program will be advised by a designated nursing faculty advisor. Students should go to the SOH Administrative Office HS100 for information. 

Nursing students must meet with their advisor for clearance to register for future courses. They are encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis throughout the semester.

Health Science students are assigned a faculty advisor. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis throughout the semester and to seek assistance before registering for classes. The advisor will assist students in determining which Health Science concentration best fits their academic and career goals. The advisor is an important guide in helping the student plan their coursework in order to meet degree requirements.