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For information about the bachelor's degree including RN to BSN, contact the Dean or any of the nursing advisors here.

For information about the nursing program policies, program outlines, program brochures,advisement or registration clearance, go to Health Science Building Rm 100 or call any of the nursing advisors for an appointment. Current pre-nursing and nursing majors should see their nursing faculty advisers during the semester or before pre-registration for advisement/registration clearance

For information on nursing courses, and admission procedures, please consult the UOG Undergraduate Catalog, which is updated annually.



Any regularly enrolled University of Guam student may apply for admission to the nursing program. Application packets are available at the School's administrative office. Upon receipt of all necessary documents, the Nursing Admission and Academic Standards Committee (AASC) reviews applications and notifies applicants by letter of their admittance to one of the two admission levels and gives them the name of their assigned advisor.

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Applications to the Nursing Level for the 2021 academic year are open until Nov. 19, 2020. Click here for more information.




Health Science Concentrations: 
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Science/Health Promotion
  • Public Heath


The goal of this program is to prepare students for health professions where they will be involved in the identification, evaluation, treatment, and prevention of diseases and injuries; educating the public on prevention and self-management for healthy lifestyles; and designing, implementing, and evaluating programs necessary for promoting general wellness. The program provides professional concentration in three areas of specialization leading to the bachelor’s degree and preparation for entrance into graduate programs. The concentrations are: Pre-Physical Therapy, Exercise Science and Health Promotion, and Public Health.

Concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy

The concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy provides students with preparation for competitive entry into off-island programs leading to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). This option places a strong emphasis on physical and biological sciences, as well as application knowledge. A six-credit internship is required, which consists of 300 hours of service in a selected setting such as a hospital, an extended care facility, or a private clinic in which the student has an opportunity to use skills and knowledge under the supervision of a physical therapist.

Concentration in Exercise Science and Health Promotion

The professional concentration in Exercise Science and Health Promotion provides preparation for students desiring employment in the growing health promotion field and/or graduate studies in exercise science, health education, and related fields.  The curriculum places an emphasis on exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle. This concentration also requires students to take a 300-hour internship in a professional setting such as community health agencies, Guam Memorial Hospital, or various wellness clinics or fitness centers.

Concentration in Public Health

The professional concentration in Public Health is designed to provide students the opportunity to work as public health professionals, and/or entry into a Master of Public Health degree program. The curriculum offers courses related to the five core areas of public health (epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy management, and social and behavioral sciences). This concentration also requires students to take a 300-hour internship in a professional setting such as community health agencies, the Department of Public Health and Social Services, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency, or various private groups that participate in services related to public health.


Dr. Yvette Paulino
Assistant Professor
Health Science Bldg. Rm. 103
Tel: 735-2066

Anthony Ada
Health Science Bldg. Rm. 106
Tel: 735-2666


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Student Advisement

Academic advisement is provided to assist students throughout their educational career as they prepare to become competent entry-level professionals. The faculty advisor monitors student progress, provides consultation in planning a course of study, and assists in problem solving with regard to classroom, clinical pratice, and field course work. The advisor serves as an "anchor person" with whom students may confer regarding any program-related problem or question.

The Nursing AASC (Admissions and Academic Standards Committee) appoints a faculty advisor to students accepted to the nursing program. The advisor is named in the letter of acceptance. Usually that relationship continues until the student graduates, withdraws, or changes majors within the University. Students who are taking courses toward nursing as a major and have not been accepted to the program will be advised by a designated nursing faculty advisor. Students should go to the SOH Administrative Office HS100 for information. 

Nursing students must meet with their advisor for clearance to register for future courses. They are encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis throughout the semester.

Health Science students are assigned a faculty advisor. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis throughout the semester and to seek assistance before registering for classes. The advisor will assist students in determining which Health Science concentration best fits their academic and career goals. The advisor is an important guide in helping the student plan their coursework in order to meet degree requirements.



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