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The RFK Memorial Library is committed to supporting you in your instruction, research, and other information needs.

Below is a menu of the most commonly requested topics for library instruction. This is NOT an exhaustive list. Please feel free to contact us regarding any additional topics you would live covered during your session.

Schedule a Librarian Instruction


Points Covered



Librarian Introduction

Librarian will come to your class to introduce themselves and discuss how the library can help with their research.

5 Minutes

Overview of Library Website and Services

  • How to navigate the website
  • Getting reference help
  • Interlibrary loan

10 Minutes

For All Levels         

Developing a Search Strategy

  • Brainstorming a topic
  • Narrowing or broadening a topic for successful search.
  • Developing Keywords

20 Minutes

Finding Materials Using OneSearch

  • How the search box works
  • Narrowing results using limiters
  • How to read results
  • Other access points for finding sources (author name, subject heading, etc)

20 Minutes

Sources for Information on Guam and Micronesia

  • MARC
  • MARC Virtual Library
  • MARC Digital Library
  • Guampedia
  • PDN and how to find old articles.
  • MRF Files and Thesis/Special Project collection

10 Minutes

Avoiding Plagiarism

  • Cite the idea, not the words
  • Scholarship as conversation
  • How to quote, summarize, and paraphrase
  • Using appropriate citation format.

15 Minutes

Scholarly vs Popular Articles

  • How peer-review works and its pros and cons
  • When different types of authority are appropriate
  • Different types of scholarly articles. Original research vs literature reviews

15 Minutes

Critical thinking when using information

  • CRAAP Test
  • Evaluating websites

20 minutes

Independent Study with a Librarian to guide and answer questions.

  • Have a librarian on hand while your students perform research to guide them and answer any questions they might have.


Upper-Level Classes

Mining articles for more information

  • Using bibliographies to find relevant material
  • Reading Citations
  • Using citation sources to find what articles have linked to each other
  • Use of subject headings and other metadata to locate related articles

If you would like for the library to keep material on hand for your students to use during the semester, please bring them to the circulation desk with your Name, email address, phone number, and course name and number. Faculty members are responsible for picking up their materials at the end of the quarter. Library materials can also be put in course reserves, but they will still be available for use by all patrons via a 2-hour, in-library checkout.

If you would like to send a link of either a set of search results or a specific catalog item you will need to use Ebsco’s Permalink feature. If you copy and paste the URL from the top of your browser, that link will not work after your session has ended.


To create a Permalink for a set of search results, click on the “Share” and then copy the Permalink URL at the bottom of the dropdown menu.


To create a permalink to a specific item in the catalog go into the item record by clicking on the title. Choose the Permalink feature from the right hand menu. The link will appear above the title.


Your Research

To receive notifications on when new materials on your field of research are added to the library collection you can set up alerts through EbscoHost.


After you have entered your search terms, click on the “Share” button to the upper right of your search results. You can then choose to receive updates via email or RSS feed.

Library Card

To request a library card bring a copy of your UG-1 form to the circulation desk.

Loan Periods

Faculty and staff can check out up to 50 books for one semester.

Off-Campus Access

Faculty and staff can access online publications by logging in with their library card number and PIN.

Interlibrary Loan

ILL costs for journal article and book chapters are charged on a cost-recovery basis. Should there be a fee for obtaining the material it must be covered by the user.

Book requests take from 4-6 weeks for delivery. When a book is requested there is a mandatory book return charge that is payable upon receipt of a requested ILL book or other returnable ILL item. The charges range from $6.50 to $15.00.   

Faculty and staff must be approved by their Departmental Director to charge ILL fees to the Department’s account.

Students are responsible for submitting their own ILL requests.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms cannot be reserved by UOG faculty/staff. However, they are available on a walk-in basis.

Track Due Dates and Renew Materials

Log in to your library account.  Remember that faculty and staff are responsible for returning/renewing materials on time and will be charged late fees.

Requesting Material for Purchase: If you would like to request a specific title for purchase by the library please fill out this form.  If you do not have a specific item in mind, but would like to discuss improving the library’s selection of materials in your field, please email Melissa Taitano at

Interlibrary Loan Form



Please feel free to contact the RFK librarian assigned to your Department.

San Nicolas  A.  Roland

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Libao  L.  Jefrey

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Pangelinan  Jason  Perry

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Taitano  M.  Melissa

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Shook    Ryan

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Santos    Carmen

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