RFK Library | Study Spaces

RFK Library | Study Spaces

RFK Library | Study Spaces

Please read the following for changes to operations:

No eating, drinking, talking, and congregating in the library

The University Libraries will begin providing limited access, in-person service to University of Guam patrons. Patrons wishing to visit in-person will want to check the UOG and the Library’s website to find out the most current information regarding hours of operation, available library services, and virtual support.  


The University Libraries will be following the University Administration and the Government of Guam’s guidelines related to social distancing, facemasks/face coverings, sanitization, and monitoring of movement. All visitors entering the library must have their temperature checked.  Visitors with a temperature of 100°F or greater will not be permitted to enter the building. 


Students and faculty will then check into the building by using their library card. If a visitor does not have a valid UOG ID, that person will be asked to provide information necessary for contact tracing. Masks will be required to enter and must remain in place (covering mouth and nose) while in library buildings or on campus.   

The RFK Memorial Library will be open for library services Monday through Thursday, from 8am-5:00pm and Friday, 9am-5pm. Please refer to the RFK Library Hours, as this may change. Only patrons with confirmed appointments, and who pass the UOG UPPOP-3 guidelines, will be allowed into the building. Appointments for individual study spaces are made via phone or email at least 24 hours in advance and up to 7 days prior to the requested date and time; same day appointments or extensions of study spaces may only be entertained if there is space available. There is no guarantee that last minute requests or extensions will be accommodated.  


At this time, only seating on the first floor will be open to faculty, staff, and students wishing to study or do research. Requests for library materials must be made at the Research Assistance Desk or the Service Desk. These books/materials will be retrieved via a paging system by library staff. Virtual services are available via email, phone, or teleconferencing.   


The Quiet Room (2nd Floor) will house the First Year Experience courses this academic year. All conference rooms will be used as Green Zone rooms for students who need a place to be able to take a class. Staircases are designated one-way zones with the Central Stairs (next to the Reference Desk & GovDocs) serving as the up staircase and the Eastern Stairs (closest to the windows facing the Student Center) serving as the down staircase.  


The MARC Collections will be open Monday through Thursday 9am-4pm. Only patrons with confirmed appointments, and who pass the UOG UPPOP-3 guidelines, will be allowed into the building. Appointments for entrance into the collection will be made via email or phone at least 24 hours in advance or up to 7 days prior to the designated date and time.   


Please keep track of the UOG and RFK websites for updated changes and information.


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Reserve a Study Space

Individual Study Desk

When in person access to the library is allowed, the RFK Library will re-open its doors to students with a student ID and Faculty/Staff with an employee ID.  Students will only be allowed up to 2 hours to use the study spaces.

Green Zone Rooms

Green Zone Rooms are reserved spaces specifically used for attending classes online for students in need of a laptop and Internet. These spaces can be reserved once per day up to 4 hours and only one student is allowed to use a room. Laptops can be provided when using these rooms.

Please reserve these Green Rooms and Study Desks in-person at the RFK Library Service Desk.

Please call (671) 735 - 2311 for any questions.