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The app is asking me to update. What should I do?

The TritonGo app is updated periodically. Some updates are simple content updates, and others are feature updates. 

For general app updates:

Press "Yes" if you wish to update immediately. Press "No" if you wish to wait. After an update, navigate to a new page within the TritonGo app and then back to the home screen. You may have to restart TritonGo for the content updates to appear.

For feature updates:

Check on the app status on the iOS or Google Play stores. If an update is available, press "UPDATE" to download and install the newest version of the app. Once installed, new features will be available.

The app is glitching. What should I do?

The TritonGo app may experience some issues such as rendering or slowing down. If this occurs, simply restart your app. If this does not solve the problem, delete TritonGo and reinstall it. For additional assistance contact the UOG HelpDesk at 735-2640 or email


What can the mobile Webadvisor do?

The mobile version of WebAdvisor on the TritonGo app makes it easy and convenient to check your grades and unofficial transcripts, and to look up available classes. To access the full experience and features of Webadvisor, please use the web browser version. 


What features does Moodle have on the app?

The mobile version of Moodle on the TritonGo app allows you to connect with your professor and fellow students, look up course content, comment in forums and see which of your classmates are participating in the discussions. You are also able to access resources from lectures and presentations form your professors and to check your messages. To access the full experience of Moodle, please use the web browser version


How do I submit feedback on the app?

Rate us on the Apple App Store or fill out information on this form to submit feedback. 

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