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The college catalog is a very important document given to you by the University administration. It is the document that sets forth the academic requirements the student has to meet in order to garner a degree in the institution. You are given a catalog dated on the year you enter the university, and it governs your whole academic progress. It is essential to read and understand it, and to keep a copy handy for reference and for your records.

University of Guam

2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Catalog

The current course catalog is for the school year of 2017-2018. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


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University of Guam

2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin

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  • AR306 Intermediate Painting

    This course provides a continuation of the painting techniques introduced in Basic Painting with emphasis on the problems of visual organization. Prerequisite: AR206.

  • AR308 Intermediate Sculpture

    This course provides a continuation of the techniques introduced in Basic Sculpture with emphasis on developing the student’s skills and creativity. Prerequisite: AR208.

  • AR310 Intermediate Printmaking

    This is a studio course in which printmaking techniques in intaglio printing and lithography are introduced. Prerequisite: AR103 or AR104 or consent of instructor.

  • AR311 Intermediate Photography

    Various photographic techniques are analyzed to suit individual creative concerns. A wider range of photographic techniques is explored and the development of the student’s personal photographic language is stressed.

  • AR320 Intermediate Ceramics

    This course covers a continuation of the processes introduced in Basic Ceramics including ceramic clays, techniques, and kiln construction. Emphasis is placed on creative utilization of materials and techniques and the development of a personal direction. Prerequisite: AR220.

  • AR322 History of Traditional Japanese Art

    This course is an historical survey of traditional Japanese Art from Neolithic era to the Meiji period (1860’s). Prerequisite: AR101 or consent of instructor.

  • AR323 Gallery Management and Exhibition Design

    This is a course that explores the technical aspects of gallery management and exhibition design. Prerequisite: AR101 or consent of instructor.

  • AR326 Analysis of Specimens and Documentation

    This is a course that allows the student access to the permanent collection of the Isla Center for the Arts that consists of over 500 objects. Regions represented in the permanent collection include Micronesia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Europe. Proper handling and documentation techniques are introduced to emphasize the historical, cultural, and technical/artistic aspects of the objects in the collection. Prerequisite: AR101 or consent of the instructor.

  • AR331 History of Art I

    This course covers the history of art from the prehistoric through the Gothic periods. Prerequisite: AR101 or consent of the instructor.

  • AR332 History of Art II

    This course covers the history of art from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. Prerequisite: AR101 or consent of the instructor.

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