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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The college catalog is a very important document given to you by the University administration. It is the document that sets forth the academic requirements the student has to meet in order to garner a degree in the institution. You are given a catalog dated on the year you enter the university, and it governs your whole academic progress. It is essential to read and understand it, and to keep a copy handy for reference and for your records.

University of Guam

2016-2017 Undergraduate Course Catalog

The current course catalog is for the school year of 2015-2016. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


You can also view or download Undergraduate Catalogs from past years in the sidebar or search an online list of course descriptions below.


2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

If you're looking for Graduate program information please view the current year's Graduate Bulletin. 


Search List of Course Descriptions

  • BA312 Intermediate Micro - Economic Theory

    This course offers an in-depth discussion of models relating to consumer behavior, market demand and price theory, the theory of the firm, and the impact of different market structures for outputs and inputs. Time permitting, the subjects of choice under uncertainty, welfare economics and general equilibrium theory are covered. Prerequisite: BA210 with a C grade or better.

  • BA320 Basic Business Finance

    This course covers the finance function in business; procurement and utilization of funds; costs and problems associated with acquiring funds; forecasting profits gained through their use; and the organization necessary to carry out the finance function in business. Prerequisites: BA201 and BA210 with a C grade or better in all 2 courses.

  • BA321 Money and Banking

    This is the study of money, credit, and money markets; the structure and origins of the commercial banking and Federal Reserve Systems; and the application of monetary and fiscal policy within the American economy. Prerequisite: BA110 with a C grade or better.

  • BA322 Personal Financial Planning

    This course is a software and web-based program that offers students the opportunity to develop a financial career plan for their personal and professional use. Elements of financial planning are presented and include: career aspects of financial planning; financial goals and objectives; personal financial statements and budget; cash and credit management; personal tax planning; housing, insurance and investment decisions; and retirement.

  • BA323 Corporate Finance

    This is an advanced course in the study of the elements of financial management in a business organization. Topics include financial forecasting, break-even analysis, capital budgeting, investment banking, capital financing and international finance. Prerequisite: BA320 with a C grade or better.

  • BA330 Information Technology and Networks for Business

    This course provides foundation concepts of information technology and data networks as a basic business infrastructure. It addresses the emerging roles of technology and communication networks in business operations. The course surveys popular and anticipated technology adopted by businesses, examines the strength and weakness of these technologies, and evaluates the cost and productivity implications of the deployment of technology. The course also addresses managerial and organizational issues surrounding the selection and implementation of technology, including the broad spectrum of telecommunication services.

  • BA332 Multimedia Database Systems

    This course features the theory, design, programming, and implementation of database management system. The emphasis is on microcomputer-based database. Prerequisite: BA330 with a C grade or better,

  • BA333 Management Information Systems

    This is a survey of information system topics from the managerial viewpoint. Major topics are an overview of MIS, systems analysis and design, database management, data communication, decision support systems and expert systems. Prerequisites: BA240 and BA330 with a C grade or better in all 2 courses.

  • BA341 International Business Environment

    This course consists of readings and analysis of social, economic, political, legal, and technological forces with which business organizations must contend. The course focuses on East Asia

  • BA342 Entrepreneurship: Issues and Solutions in Business Start - Ups

    Provides an overview of why small businesses fail and how to reduce this risk. Major functional areas of business will be covered through the use of case studies including the areas of: Finance, human resources, operations management, distribution channels, marketing, IT, and laws and government regulations. Prerequisite: BA240, BA242 with a C grade or better in all 2 courses.

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