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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The college catalog is a very important document given to you by the University administration. It is the document that sets forth the academic requirements the student has to meet in order to garner a degree in the institution. You are given a catalog dated on the year you enter the university, and it governs your whole academic progress. It is essential to read and understand it, and to keep a copy handy for reference and for your records.

University of Guam

2016-2017 Undergraduate Course Catalog

The current course catalog is for the school year of 2015-2016. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


You can also view or download Undergraduate Catalogs from past years in the sidebar or search an online list of course descriptions below.


2016-2017 Graduate Bulletin

If you're looking for Graduate program information please view the current year's Graduate Bulletin. 


Search List of Course Descriptions

  • BA462 Marketing Research

    This course covers the principles, procedures, and concepts involved in gathering, recording, and analyzing facts about problems relating to the sale and transfer of goods and services from producer to consumer. Included are studies of relation-preparation of commodities for sale, physical distribution, wholesale and retail merchandising, and financial problems. Prerequisites: BA260, BA310

  • BA463 Marketing Management

    This course builds on the concepts and theories covered in the introductory, Marketing subjects, as well as those learned in subsequent Marketing course work. As a capstone marketing major course, this course focuses on strategic marketing analysis and planning at both the corporate and SBU levels. Prerequisites: BA260 with a C grade or better – Graduating Senior level status.

  • BA480 Business Strategy and Policy

    This course is the capstone of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program, integrating concepts and skills learned in the BBA Foundation and BBA Concentration. Strategic business problems are examined from executive management and firm perspectives. Prerequisite: Graduating Seniors.

  • BA481 Practical Application in Small Business Management

    This course provides instruction and experience in small business. It addresses both Entrepreneurship and the management of small business operations. The course also has a practical orientation. Students intern for 80 hours with the Guam Small Business Development Center (SBDC), assisting small businesses as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Prerequisites: BA260 and Senior standing.

  • BA482 Business/Research Internship

    This course is a 120-hour business internship with a business firm or government organization, or a 120-hour research internship with a SBPA faculty member. The business internship is designed for those who intend to pursue business careers. The research internship is designed for students who intend to pursue graduate work. Internships are offered selectively to students who have demonstrated superior performance in their previous business coursework (see prerequisites). Students gain practical and applied experience by working on a project in a technical or professional area under the direct supervision of a practicing manager or faculty member. Selection of the organization sponsoring the business internship is a joint process involving the student, SBPA Internship Coordinator and representatives from interested firms. A research internship is a joint process involving the student, SBPA Internship Coordinator and a SBPA faculty member. The course may be repeated once. Prerequisites: overall 3.2 GPA in business courses, 2 BBA Concentration courses, Senior standing.

  • BA491 Seminar in Marketing

    The Seminar provides the opportunity for study and discussion of significant topics and problems in the field of marketing. Prerequisites: BA210, BA260

  • BI/AG345 General Entomology

    This course is an overview of insect biology with emphasis on fundamental problems encountered by insects, and the structural and functional adaptations used to overcome these problems. The laboratory focuses on insect identification. An insect collection is required. The course meets for three hours of lecture weekly. Prerequisites: BI157-157L or AG109 or AG281.

  • BI/AG345-L General Entomology Laboratory

    BI/AG345L is the lab portion of BI/AG345 and must be taken concurrently. The course consists of one three-hour laboratory period per week. Co requisite: BI/AG345

  • BI/CH/NS392 Laboratory Teaching and Assisting

    This course provides for practical educational experience in undergraduate course laboratories. It may be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisites: Completion of the course in which the laboratory is offered, or of an equivalent course, and consent of instructor.

  • BI/CH419 Biochemistry

    This course covers the principles of protein chemistry and enzyme nomenclature, catalysis, kinetics, and control. It includes three hours of lecture weekly. The lab, BI/CH419L, MUST be taken concurrently. Prerequisite: CH310a, CH311, CH310b and CH312 or concurrent enrollment, BI157-157L and BI158-158L or equivalent. Co requisite: BI/CH419L

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