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MARC Board of Advisors

MARC Board of Advisors Photo
Pictured from left: Dr. Hiro Kurashina, Dr. David Shimizu, Dr. Lorraine Yamashita, Dr. John Peterson, Mary Louise Wheeler, Pilar Laguana, and Bert Unpingco.



Micronesian Area Research Center News

Corporate Sponsors

MARC Corporate Sponsors 


MARC Corporate Sponsors


Chamorro Language and Culture Center

Chamorro Language and Culture Center Photos

Micronesian Language Institute

The Micronesian Language Institute

Archaeology Program

MARC has revived archaeological studies at UOG in partners with Guam Preservation Trust, Guam Historical Preservation Office, the U.S. National Park Service, and through CLASS course offerings. 

Guampedia Partnership

Guampedia Partnership

The University of Guam Micronesian Area Research Center and Guampedia have collaborated to post a series of MARC documents on the Guampedia website, an online encyclopedic resource about the history, culture and contemporary issues of Guam.


MARC Events in 2009

  • MARC co-sponsored the 2nd Presidential Lecture on April 2009 with invited guests Dr. Catherine Lutz, professor of Watson Institute of International Studies and Department of Anthropology at Brown University and Dr. Kiyoshi Nakachi a professor from Meio University, Okinawa lecturing on the anticipated military build-up on Guam.  Dr. Lutz has studied how U.S.