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Short Title Category Size
BA130 (Dr. Law): Introduction to Computer Operations - COURSE DEVVELOPMENT Assessment 14.41 KB
BA130 (Dr. Law): Introduction to Computer Operations-Skills Assessment (Fall 2004-Fall 2008) Assessment 129.36 KB
BA240 (Dr. Santos): Management-Day at Work (Fall 2008) Assessment 97.5 KB
BA241 (Dr. Colfax): Human Resource Management-Pre/Post-Tests (Spring 2008, Summer 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009) Assessment 21.26 KB
BA260-Syllabus-SP14-Terrie O'Brien Syllabus 85.12 KB
BA312-Syllabus-SP14-Roseann Jones Syllabus 99.93 KB
BA320 (Dr. Taylor): Basic Business Finance (Spring 2009) Assessment 19.5 KB
BA333 (Dr. Law): Management Information Systems-Student Research (multiple semesters) Assessment 474.32 KB
BA333 (Dr. Law): Research Guidelines Assessment 33.06 KB
BA341 (Dr. Perez): International Business Environment-Global Awareness Test (Spring 2008, Spring 2009) Assessment 15.07 KB
BA380 (Prof. O'Brien): E-Commerce (Spring 2009) Assessment 201.12 KB
BA421 (Dr. Taylor): Invesment and Real Estate-Student Evaluation of Course Content (Spring 2007, Spring 2008) Assessment 27.47 KB
BA421 (Dr. Taylor): Pre/Post Tests (Spring 2009) Assessment 20.09 KB
BA440 (Dr. Colfax): Organizational Behavior-Student Team Research, examples of "Green" Paper (Fall 2008) Assessment 28.41 KB
BA463-Syllabus-SP14-Terrie O'Brien Syllabus 86.11 KB
BA480 (Dr. Santos): Business Game Simulation (Fall 2006-Fall 2008) Assessment 251.79 KB
BA480 (Dr. Santos): Comprehensive Business Exam (Spring 2008, Fall 2008) Assessment 240.35 KB
BA480 (Dr. Santos): Industry Analysis & Forecast-Conference Participants Feedback (Fall 2008) Assessment 252.64 KB
BA482-Syllabus-SP14-Terrie O'Brien Syllabus 74.93 KB
BA601 (Dr. Taylor): Case Studies in Management (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009) Assessment 29.32 KB
BA620 (Dr. Taylor): Financial Management (Fall 2007, Fall 2008) Assessment 61.26 KB
Background and Approval to Implement Assessment Report 66.58 KB
BBA Alumni Survey, 2003-2008 Assessment 262.96 KB
BID P03-15 ADVERTISEMENT Instructions 122.81 KB
BID P05-14 ADVERTISEMENT Instructions 122.34 KB