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Short Title Category Size
April 2014 Report 80.07 KB
April 2014 Report 80.07 KB
ARRA FY 2011 Report 109.72 KB
Articles & Bylaws 455.46 KB
Articles and ByLaws 455.46 KB
Articles and ByLaws 455.46 KB
Assessment Data Report (Fall 2007- Spring 2008) Assessment 2.11 MB
Assessment Exemplars: CNAS Assessment 104.5 KB
Assessment Exemplars: ENGLISH (CLASS) Assessment 34 KB
Assessment Exemplars: PSYCHOLOGY I (CLASS) Assessment 26.5 KB
Assessment Exemplars: PSYCHOLOGY II (CLASS) Assessment 233.74 KB
Assessment Exemplars: SBPA Assessment 36 KB
Assessment Exemplars: SOCIOLOGY I (CLASS) Assessment 28.5 KB
Assessment Exemplars: SOCIOLOGY II (CLASS) Assessment 75.5 KB
Assessment Exemplars: SOE Assessment 30 KB
Assessment Inventory Template: .DOC file Report 71.5 KB
Assessment Inventory Template: .PDF file Report 101.88 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: Rubric for Assessing the Use of Capstone Experiences for Assessing Program Outcomes Assessment 49.28 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: Academic Assessment Terms and Definitions (Oct 2012) Assessment 222.09 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: An Outcomes Based Assessment Model for General Education Assessment 147 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: Analyzing Student Learning to Improve our Practice Assessment 228.09 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: Appendices Assessment 2.13 MB
Assessment Reference Materials: Assessment Research and Graduate Programs Assessment 40.5 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: Case Study City of Hope Assessment 34 KB
Assessment Reference Materials: City of Hope Learning Objectives Assessment 43.27 KB