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Short Title Category Size
BA312-Syllabus-SP14-Roseann Jones Syllabus 99.93 KB
BA320 (Dr. Taylor): Basic Business Finance (Spring 2009) Assessment 19.5 KB
BA333 (Dr. Law): Management Information Systems-Student Research (multiple semesters) Assessment 474.32 KB
BA333 (Dr. Law): Research Guidelines Assessment 33.06 KB
BA341 (Dr. Perez): International Business Environment-Global Awareness Test (Spring 2008, Spring 2009) Assessment 15.07 KB
BA380 (Prof. O'Brien): E-Commerce (Spring 2009) Assessment 201.12 KB
BA421 (Dr. Taylor): Invesment and Real Estate-Student Evaluation of Course Content (Spring 2007, Spring 2008) Assessment 27.47 KB
BA421 (Dr. Taylor): Pre/Post Tests (Spring 2009) Assessment 20.09 KB
BA440 (Dr. Colfax): Organizational Behavior-Student Team Research, examples of "Green" Paper (Fall 2008) Assessment 28.41 KB
BA463-Syllabus-SP14-Terrie O'Brien Syllabus 86.11 KB
BA480 (Dr. Santos): Business Game Simulation (Fall 2006-Fall 2008) Assessment 251.79 KB
BA480 (Dr. Santos): Comprehensive Business Exam (Spring 2008, Fall 2008) Assessment 240.35 KB
BA480 (Dr. Santos): Industry Analysis & Forecast-Conference Participants Feedback (Fall 2008) Assessment 252.64 KB
BA482-Syllabus-SP14-Terrie O'Brien Syllabus 74.93 KB
BA601 (Dr. Taylor): Case Studies in Management (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009) Assessment 29.32 KB
BA620 (Dr. Taylor): Financial Management (Fall 2007, Fall 2008) Assessment 61.26 KB
Background and Approval to Implement Assessment Report 66.58 KB
BBA Alumni Survey, 2003-2008 Assessment 262.96 KB
BID P28-14 ADVERTISEMENT Instructions 82.23 KB
Biology 5-Year Long Term Assessment Plan: Undergraduate Degree Program Assessment 87.48 KB
Biology Summary of Assessment Activities: Undergraduate Degree Programs Assessment 54 KB
Biology Undergraduate Program Reports: Closing the Loop Assessment 99.5 KB
Board of Regents Resolution Index 2010 Report 67.5 KB
Board of Regents Resolution Index 2011 Report 42 KB
Board of Regents Resolution Index 2012 Report 57 KB