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Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG)

RCUOG Executive Team

Cathleen Moore-Linn
Executive Director
Tel. 671-735-0250

Gloria Travis
Chief Business Officer
Tel. 671-735-0249

Kristina Sayama
Program Coordinator IV
Tel. 671-735-0251



Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG)

The Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) was established in February 2014 by Public Law 32-114 to create an efficient managerial environment to compete for and manage grants. The RCUOG  is governed by a ten member Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:  Dr. Robert A. Underwood, Chairperson; Dr. Anita Borja-Enriquez, Vice-Chairperson; Randall Wiegand, Treasurer; Dr. Kate A. Moots, Secretary; William Leon Guerrero, Member; Marcos Fong, Member; Dr. Terry Donaldson, Member; Joseph F. Ada, Member; Ricky Hernandez, Member; and Ray Topasna, Member.


RCUOG Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Research Corporation of the University of Guam (RCUOG) will be held Friday, September 11 at 2:30PM in the SBPA Graduate Classroom #262 on the 2nd floor of the Jesus S. and Eugenia A. Leon Guerrero School of Business and Public Administration Building.  RCUOG complies with Guam Public Law 24-109 with reference to the provisions and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For assistance contact Elaine Faculo-Gogue, UOG EEO Office, Room 106, Iya Hami, at 735-2244 or (TTY) 735-2243.




Megan Volsteadt, a UOG senior majoring in biology, is participating in a research internship under the tutelage of Dr. Jingchun Li, a NSF postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University's Cavanaugh Lab.
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RCUOG Travel Agency Rotation Schedule


Health Insurance



Meeting Minutes