Assessment Reports and Activities

Assessment Reports and Activities

Assessment Reports and Activities

Assessment Exemplars

To highlight specific examples of excellence in assessment and the use of evidence to improve academic quality in the AQ essay for our self-study the following are provided by the schools or colleges to identify three to five assessment activities, results of which contributed or produced a change in degree programs, teaching methods or pedagogy.  These identify activities that are outstanding examples of using assessment to improve academic quality.

Exemplars from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)

Exemplars from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS)
Exemplars from the School of Business and Public Admin (SBPA)
Exemplars from the School of Education (SOE)



Closing the Loop

This review is an analysis of all of the recommendations that come out of the program review process.  Recommendations to faculty, the program, the College/School, etc, should be included in the review.  The goal of this process is to provide evidence that the recommendations are presented in the appropriate venue and acted on (funded, courses revised, assessment plan completed, etc) or at least considered by an oversight body (AAC, UPBAC, Senate, etc).  This then provides us with a mechanism to report the outcomes and track any implementation of these recommendations.

Summary Report 2008

Program Reports:

Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

*not included in the Summary Report 2008

Evaluation of Assessment Inventories


AY2014-2015 SVP Report

AY2015-2016 SVP Report

AY2015-2016 Review Team Report

AY2016-2017 Review Team Report