Faculty Forms

Faculty Forms

Faculty Forms

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Miscellaneous Forms - Course, Program, Reappointment


Guidelines and forms for Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)


Undergraduate and Graduate Program Review Handbooks

Program Review Self Study

University regulations require that every academic major program be reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis every five years. For this review each major program prepares a self study of the curriculum, student outcomes, and supporting areas such as the library and registrar’s office. These self studies are to conform to a common format and utilize data for program planning and evaluation supplied by the University Assessment Office.


Sabbatical Leave


Faculty Evaluation

Promotion and Tenure

Conflict of Interest or Commitment

Disclosure Form for Conflicts of Commitment/Interest


Inafa'Maolek Service Request Form

Inafa’ Maolek is a conflict resolution organization providing mediation, peer mediation training and victim offender mediation services in Guam. Click here for contact information and their service request form.