10 programs to help you succeed at UOG

10 programs to help you succeed at UOG

10 programs to help succeed at UOG

With an array of support programs, UOG can help all students achieve academic success

The University of Guam has a variety of programs to ensure degree completion for students from all backgrounds, including first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities.

The decision to go to college is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. Maybe you’re the first person in your family to go to college. Maybe you have questions about financial aid. Maybe you have a learning or physical disability. Or maybe you just don’t feel prepared to start college-level education. Whatever your story might be, the University of Guam is prepared to help you not only start, but finish and succeed in your college career.

“UOG students are a diverse group, coming from all backgrounds,” said Lawrence Camacho, dean of Enrollment Management & Student Success. “Our goal is to ensure every student’s success, and we do that through a variety of specialized services that have proven to be effective.”

Check out these 10 programs offered by UOG to support your college journey.

  1. Triton Transition Program

    For: First-year college students

    New college students who need to strengthen their math or English skills can do so through the Triton Transition Program. All new students must take math and English placement tests before registering for classes. If students place into the “transition” courses for these subjects, they will take the developmental classes for one semester before testing again to move on. The Transition Program involves a peer-support system as well as direct faculty support, advisement, and tutoring along way.

    New students and students who are returning to UOG after a semester or more off should register for the placement tests after they have been accepted to UOG and before they register for classes.

  2. Upward Bound College Preparation Program

    For: High school students, Low-income students, First-generation college students

    High school students who are low-income or will be first-generation college students can start ensuring their college success early through UOG’s Upward Bound program. The year-round program is designed to assist high school students in developing their academic and social skills and to motivate them to enroll in college. Upward Bound provides tutoring, counseling, mentoring, financial aid assistance, cultural enrichment, workshops, and a six-week summer program.

    Upward Bound serves public high school students, but students in private and charter schools who meet the minimum eligibility criteria may also be accepted based on availability. Students interested in applying for Upward Bound can speak to their high school guidance counselor or visit the Upward Bound website.

  3. FY101: First-Year Seminar Course

    For: First-year college students

    Involvement and engagement with the University’s range of resources will greatly improve a student’s college experience. Required for all new students and transfer students with less than 15 credits, the FY101 First-Year Seminar is a three-credit course to help students transition into college life and become familiar with resources available on campus.

    "It is somewhat of an extension of orientation, but we go more in depth," said Arline Leon Guerrero, senior academic adviser for UOG.

    First-year students will sign up for FY101 at registration.

  4. Student Support Services

    For: First-generation college students, Low-income students, Students with disabilities

    First-generation college students, low-income students, and students with learning and/or physical disabilities will find a strong support system through TRiO Student Support Services. The program encourages students to pursue education regardless of their socioeconomic, cultural, or ethnic background.

    “The main goal of the program is retention and graduation,” said Chrislynn Takawo, assistant director of TRiO Student Support Services. “We hope to pick up a student in their freshman year and have them stay with us until they get their degree.”

    TRiO Student Support Services includes academic tutoring, advice and assistance in course selection, assistance with financial aid, workshops on financial and economic literacy, and planning and information on graduate and professional programs.

    Applications are available at the TRiO office in the UOG Calvo Field House or on the TRiO webpage.

  5. Educational Talent Search Program

    For: High school students, Low-income students, First-generation college students

    Students can get on the college track as early as eighth grade through the Educational Talent Search Program of UOG’s TRiO office. The program identifies and assists eighth grade and high school students who have the potential to succeed in higher education but are low-income or will be first-generation college students. ETS students receive guidance on career exploration, study skills, college and financial planning, college applications, entrance examinations, scholarships, and more.

    “Unlike the Upward Bound program, which has academic requirements, Educational Talent Search is more of an informational program,” said Lovelynn Mongami, assistant director of TRiO Educational Talent Search. “We visit the middle schools and high schools and talk with the kids. We provide them with information and workshops to motivate and encourage them to get to the next level of education.”

    Interested students may apply at the Educational Talent Search website.

  6. Student Counseling Services

    For: All UOG students, First-year college students, Low-income students, Veterans, First-generation college students

    For students who need help resolving issues causing emotional distress or interfering with personal and academic goals, UOG has confidential individual counseling available. Some of the most common issues for students are anxiety and family pressures, especially among first-year students. Counseling is also available for veterans.

    Dolores Taijeron, UOG’s behavioral counseling supervisor and licensed professional counselor, offers individual counseling on issues ranging from anxiety to PTSD and severe mental illnesses. Group therapy, art therapy, and stress management seminars are also available.

    The student counseling office has an open-door policy and is located in the Enrollment Management and Student Success office in the Student Services Center. All students are encouraged and welcome to drop in and talk about any pressures or anxieties they may be feeling. More information is available on the EMSS page.

  7. Veterans Resource Center

    For: Veterans

    Open to enrolled veterans as well as active-duty military personnel, spouses, and dependents, the Veterans Resource Center is a study lounge where students can receive peer and academic support, tutoring, and access to computers, printers, and internet service. The center, located in the Student Services Center, is also equipped with a refrigerator and microwave.

    “It’s a kind of lounge study area that our veterans and active-duty students can use for study or to gather and socialize and get peer support from each other,” said Arline Leon Guerrero, senior academic adviser and Veterans Affairs academic adviser for UOG. “We have some veterans who tutor other veterans.”

    Through a partnership with UOG, the Guam Vet Center also provides an outreach coordinator at the Veterans Resource Center at least twice per month to provide students with Veterans Affairs information.

  8. Services for students with disabilities

    For: Students with disabilities

    Students with diagnosed or temporary disabilities can receive special support from UOG to assist their academic and campus experience. The University welcomes requests for disability accommodations to ensure all students have every opportunity to fulfill their academic potential. Students must make requests every semester at the Office of Student Counseling and Advisement Services located in the Student Services Center.

    “Disability or no disability, we’re here to serve the community,” said Sallie Sablan, student academic counseling specialist with ADA specialization. “If someone has aspirations to get their degree or they want to improve their education, we’re here to help them do that.”

    For more information regarding counseling and support for students with disabilities, visit the EMSS page.

  9. Academic advisement

    For: All UOG students, First-year college students, First-generation college students

    Academic advisement is open to any student, but sessions are required for students who have not yet declared a major — including all new students — and those who are struggling academically. At academic advisement, the student and academic counselor go over general education requirements and ensure the student is on the most efficient track to complete their degree.

    Enrolled students should contact EMSS, or an adviser through the school of their degree for students who have declared a major, as soon as the course schedule is available.

    10 programs to help you succeed at UOG

    Academic tutoring is available for students involved in several programs at the University of Guam, including TRiO’s Student Support Services and the Veterans Resource Center. Additionally, tutoring in math and writing is available for all students through the Mathematics Tutor Lab and the DEAL Writing Center.

  10. Tutoring

    For: All UOG students

    Tutoring programs for math and writing are available for all UOG students through their respective colleges.

    The Mathematics Tutor Lab, located in Room 230 of the Agriculture and Life Sciences Building, offers tutoring in specific mathematics courses by appointment and for other math classes on a walk-in basis. A study hall is also available for students to complete their assignments. Students may receive up to 60 minutes of tutoring per day.

    The DEAL Writing Center, located in Room 204 of the English and Communication Building, offers peer tutoring on writing assignments, an independent study area, and English textbooks for use. The services are free to students on a walk-in or appointment basis.

Ready to explore your future at UOG?

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