8 Reasons to Attend the University of Guam over a Mainland School

8 Reasons to Attend the University of Guam over a Mainland School

8 reasons to attend UOG over a mainland school

UOG offers accredited programs, diversity, and familiarity

Students from Guam and Micronesia as well as all other Pacific Islands can benefit from lower tuition, smaller class sizes, and a diverse campus life when they choose to study at the University of Guam.

Picking a college or university is an extensive and important task with choices across the nation to consider. A stateside college experience sounds alluring with the opportunity to learn abroad at institutions that tout a vibrant campus life and impressive track records for student achievement. But these same qualities, to include the worldly experience, are all key benefits of attending the University of Guam as well as being able to learn in a much more familiar — and not to mention, much more affordable — environment.

In fact, when it comes to quality education, student success, and an all-around positive college experience for students from the Micronesian region, there really are no better reasons to attend the University of Guam.

Quality Education

Within their first semester, students enrolled at UOG quickly find that UOG is a rigorous, yet supportive, institution. The result is a top-notch education that sufficiently prepares students and puts them at a competitive advantage for jobs in the local and national workforces.

  1. High Test Scores

    Students in UOG’s nursing and education programs are excelling on national licensure exams, even surpassing national averages. The nursing program, for the third consecutive year, has had a 100% first-time pass rate on the National Council Licensure Examination, surpassing the national and international averages of 92% and 44%.

    Meanwhile, half of the School of Education graduates last year performed in the 80th percentile nationally on their Praxis exams, the series of tests required to become a certified teacher in Guam or the United States, with one student landing in the 98th percentile.

  2. Multiple Accreditations

    Various accreditations have also put UOG on equal ground with stateside schools. The University as a whole is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a world-renowned accrediting association and one of six regional accrediting agencies in the United States.

    Moreover, UOG’s most popular programs of business administration, education, nursing, and social work are each individually accredited by national organizations. These accreditations are advantageous in applying for jobs with, if not requirements of, employers in those industries.

    Student Success

    Various factors impact whether or not students ultimately complete their degree, but students from Guam and Micronesia as well as all other Pacific Islands have much more in their favor when they choose to study at the University of Guam.

  3. Open Admission

    Admittance into a university is the first step toward a student’s success in higher education, and UOG is an open admission institution, meaning that all who apply are admitted.

  4. Student Support Programs

    One measure of student success among universities is the number of freshmen who continue their studies the following year. The University of Guam’s freshman retention rate is on par with the national average of 75% ranging from 72.2% to as high as 77% in recent years. This is, in part, due to a host of programs at UOG available to help students succeed — specifically first-year, first-generation, low-income, and veteran students.

  5. Small Class Sizes

    With a student enrollment of roughly 4,000, the University of Guam provides ideal class sizes for students to learn and have access to their professors. UOG’s student-to-faculty ratio is equivalent to the national average of 18:1. Many of the faculty are also involved in research activities that advance regional and national knowledge, and this provides students the chance for mentored hands-on experiences.

    8 reasons to attend UOG

    The size of the University of Guam student population and campus create an inviting and supportive environment where students can thrive.

    Student Experience

    Students who choose UOG realize there is no place like home to pursue higher education. Not only are the tuition and fees much more affordable, but the campus and community provide a friendly and familiar, yet culturally diverse, environment.

  6. Low Cost to Attend

    UOG has substantially lower tuition and expenses compared to institutional averages: UOG students pay $5,800 per year for tuition and fees, while students paying an out-of-state tuition at a four-year public college in the mainland will pay an average of $25,670 in addition to costs for transportation, housing, and occasional airfare that they would not otherwise have to pay attending school at UOG.

    Applying for UOG’s wide selection of financial aid opportunities can make UOG even more affordable. Some 89% of UOG students take advantage of financial aid, receiving an average of $4,600 in Pell Grants, $6,100 in federal loans, and $10,100 in local financial assistance, which includes several scholarship opportunities only available to students studying in Guam.

  7. Diverse Campus Life

    UOG’s student population of 4,000 makes an ideal size of community, where faces quickly become familiar yet there is a large number of student organizations — more than 50, in fact — to become involved with.

    Campus activities are many as well, from cheering on Triton athletes at sporting events throughout the year to attending art exhibits, theatrical performances, and movie nights. And the campus, with about 20 buildings, ample sitting and studying areas, various resources and amenities, and an ocean view, is an ideal environment to study, explore, or socialize with the University community.

  8. International Experiences

    And lastly, the experience of traveling and studying abroad is still possible when you choose to study close to home at UOG, but for a fraction of the cost. UOG students can spend a semester or a year at a mainland university via the National Student Exchange program for the cost of attending UOG, rather than the out-of-state tuition cost of attending those universities full-time.

    Academic departments also coordinate travel study courses that expose students to their chosen field of study in a different country.

    Additionally, students are encouraged to work with professors on research projects and to present them at on- and off-island conferences, giving UOG students valuable experiences and enrichment with the international community.

Learn More About the Benefits of Attending UOG

To learn more about why you should attend the University of Guam, visit www.uog.edu or contact our Admissions Office at (671) 735-2202/ 2214 or admitme@triton.uog.edu.