2019 Conference on Island Sustainability

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2019 Conference on Island Sustainability

  • CIS 2019

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*If you would like to pay via purchase order or check, please email the UOG Endowment Foundation at myracle@uogendowment.org indicating the following: 1. Name of organization; 2. Point of contact; and 3. Number and type of registrants (i.e. general, student, teacher, etc.). 

Conference registration prices are as follows:

Early Bird Registration



  • Must register by March 15, 2019.

General Registration


  • Will be open after March 15, 2019.

Student Registration


  • Must be a registered high school, college, or graduate student.
  • Please bring a valid ID for verification.

UOG or GCC Faculty/Staff  or K-12 Teachers (Guam & CNMI) Registration



  • Please bring a valid employment ID for verification.

K-12 Teachers + 1 Graduate Course Credit


  • No Undergraduate may take 800 level courses; Admission requirements are (1) Proof of bachelor's degree.
  • NOTE: If you graduated from another institution please provide proof of bachelor's degree and present employer (2) proof of present employment as a teacher. Credits are not applicable to any master's degree.
  • NOTE: Any outstanding balances with UOG must be cleared in order to process registration for the course.