Mohammad H. Golabi

 Mohammad H. Golabi, Ph.D.

Professor of Soil Science

location  Office Location:  ALS 302
Mailing Address: UOG Station, Mangilao, Guam 96923
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Research interests

  • Watershed studies using vetiver grass for controlling soil erosion
  • Monitoring chemical movement within the soil matrix
  • Bio-remediation of contaminated soils


  • B.S., Mechanized Agriculture, Oklahoma State University
  • M.S., Agricultural Education on Soil Sciences, University of Georgia
  • Ph.D., Soil Science, University of Georgia

Selected publications

  • Golabi, M.H., S. Manibusan, T. Righetti, D. Okano. 2018. Using vetiver grass technology for mitigating sediment loads in the Talakhaya Watershed in Rota, CNMI. International Soil and Water Conservation Research Journal 6: 194-201.
  • Guzman J. and M.H. Golabi. 2017. Agroecosystem net primary productivity and carbon footing. Soil Health and Intensification of Agroecosystems. Edited by; Mahdi Al-Kaisi and Birl Lowery. Academic Press, p. 215-229.
  • Farnoosh, M., A. A. Ghaemi, M.H. Golabi. 2016. Interaction effects of water salinity and hydroponic growth medium on eggplant yield, water-use efficiency, and evapotranspiration. International Soil and Water Conservation Research Journal 4: 99-107.
  • Golabi M.H., K. Johnson, T. Fujiwara, E. Ito. 2014. Transforming municipal waste into a valuable soil conditioner through knowledge-based resource-recovery management. International Journal of Waste Resources 4: 87-100.
  • Golabi, M. H., S.A. El-Swaify, C. Iyekar. 2014. Experiment of “no-tillage” farming system on the volcanic soils of tropical islands of Micronesia. International Soil and Water Conservation Research Journal 2: 30-38.