Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

Website Advertising Policy

To further the mission of making the University of Guam and related local information available to the public, advertising and sponsorships may be accepted under strict guidelines as specified below. Advertising and sponsorship revenue is used to support the web infrastructure, staff development, and technology maintenance/upgrade programs at the University of Guam Marketing and Communications (MarCom) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The University of Guam maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content. All advertising content on the UOG website is clearly labeled as an advertisement. Sponsored areas of the site are labeled as such, and then sponsoring organizations are identified.

  • Advertisements for products and services such as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives, fireworks, gambling, and pornography, will not be considered. Advertisements for legal services; political, social cause or religious ads; advertisements for competitors; comparative advertising that mentions competitive brand names; and intrusive ad units are not permitted.
  • Advertisements must not make a claim for its product that is not clearly substantiated. Advertisers may be required to submit supporting documentation to the Marketing and Communications Office to substantiate claims.
  • No implication of endorsement by UOG or its employees, affiliates or sponsors of product or advertiser may be made.
  • The Marketing and Communications Office retains final approval of all sponsor/product messages, banners and advertising copy that are directly linked or adjacent to the content.
  • The advertisement, advertising icons and company logos must be displayed in such a way that they clearly are not part of the site content.
  • The Marketing and Communications Office reserves the right to reject, cancel or remove at any time any advertisement for any reason. The MarCom also reserves the right to determine the appropriate placement of the advertisement on the Web site.
  • The full rules for any market research or promotion must be displayed or linked to. The Marketing and Communications Office retains the right to block any ad that runs on third-party ad servers, such as “Ads by Google,” that don’t meet the agreed upon criteria.
  • This Advertising Policy will be clearly marked and made accessible to readers and potential advertisers.

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