Apply for the Academic Fellowship Program at Chiba Institute of Technology

Apply for the Academic Fellowship Program at Chiba Institute of Technology

Apply for the Academic Fellowship Program at Chiba Institute of Technology


Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT) conducts an academic fellowship program, which provides overseas faculty academic members of CIT’s cooperative universities with an opportunity to conduct collaborative research, discussions and opinion exchanges with researchers. The applicant must, in principle, be a faculty academic member who is employed full-time at a university that has signed the academic agreement with CIT. 

Terms and conditions

The period of the stay for The Program must be a minimum of fourteen days and a maximum of three months from Oct. 1, 2017 to March 10, 2018. Participants of The Program must pursue educational or academic activities in collaboration with CIT faculty.

Participants of The Program will be granted the following from CIT:

  • International Airfare:
    The cost of economy class roundtrip airfare between the nearest international airport of the participant’s home country and Tokyo (please note that the maximum amount allowed is 200,000 JPY from European countries, 150,000 JPY from North/Central American countries, and 100,000 JPY from Asian countries).
  • Domestic research travel or research expenses: Maximum 100,000 JPY

Accommodation and meals

CIT has a few guest rooms available at the university student dormitory. The guest rooms are available free of charge to the participants of this Program. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can make a provisional guest room booking once your invitation has been accepted.

Within the time of the term, the guest room residents can take a select meal at modest charge at the dining room in the university student dormitory. You are very welcome to join our students in the dining room during mealtime. Term dates are from Oct. 1, 2017 to December 21, 2017 and from January 10, 2018 to February 6, 2018. Meals, living expenses (hotel or accommodations except for the CIT guest room), private transportation and other miscellaneous expenses during your stay are the responsibility of the participant. 

Important dates

Applicants must send the following documents to the contact address below by mail by Sept. 17, 2017.

  • Application form
  • List of Major Publications (You can write this list document as per your chosen format.)

A CIT collaborator is a requirement for the applicant and must be a faculty member of CIT. CIT will try to find collaborators who are suitable for the applicants. If the applicant has difficulty finding a collaborator, CIT may recommend one whose academic field is similar to the applicant or an invitation may not be available.

Applications must be sent to Mr. Hiroki Muto, chief associate of the international relations section, at