UOG’s Political Science Student Association hosts 2018 Senatorial Forum

UOG’s Political Science Student Association hosts 2018 Senatorial Forum

UOG’s Political Science Student Association hosts 2018 Senatorial Forum


PSSA senatorial flyer

Mangilao, Guam - The University of Guam Political Science Student Association (PSSA) will be hosting a 2018 Senatorial Forum Series. The forum series will feature democrat and republican candidates running for a seat in the 35th Guam Legislature. The forums will take place on October 23rd, 24th and 25th from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at the University of Guam CLASS Lecture Hall.

PSSA is sponsoring the senatorial candidate forum in hopes of giving the students of the University of Guam, as well as members of public, the opportunity to learn more about the candidates running so that they can make well-informed decisions in the upcoming general election. “The Forum will act as a conduit, offering members of the community a platform to directly engage with our leaders as well as provides our leaders with relevant information about issues from the community itself,” said Cierra Camacho, PSSA President.

The topics that will be addressed in this forum are economic development, political status, environmental sustainability, and UOG related issues. The audience will also have an opportunity to ask the candidates questions. The schedule of candidates is as follows:

October 23 – Lasia Casil, Wil Castro, Stephen Guerrero, Jack Hattig III, Dr. Kelly MarshTaitano, Louise Muna, Adolpho Palacios, Julius Santos, Amanda Shelton, and Michelle Taitano

October 24 – Jenei Aguon, Jermaine Alerta, Harold Cruz, Regine Lee, James Moylan, Telena Nelson, Jose San Agustin, Telo Taitague, Jose Terlaje and Therese Terlaje

October 25 – Ken Joe Ada, Celestin Babauta, Tina Barnes, Amanda Blas, Roland Blas, Sabina Perez, Clynt Ridgell, Joe San Agustin, Ben Servino and Mary Torres

PSSA continues to promote the study of government and politics, enhance the awareness and facilitate discussion about politics, and relevant issues in current public affairs. PSSA encourages students to explore the field of politics outside the classroom and to act as an outlet for students who wish to expand their knowledge in academia, extend their networking boundaries, and increase active involvement in public events. Part of this mission is to provide service to the local community, as we believe that serving others contributes to the formation of good citizens.